Within the lore and symbolism of the various paths of Luciferianism, a date of ancient Zoroastrian origin holds considerable value to recognizing the power of challenge in nature. The path of ancient Persian sorcery or witchcraft, known in Pahlavi as ‘yatukdinoih’ is celebrated as self-liberation and empowerment from restrictive dogma of monotheism. In the dualism of Zoroastrianism, the Adversary known as Ahriman or Angra Mainyu is said to have entered the material world on the modern date of March 21st at 12 Noon.

“The date of Ahriman entering creation is in the old month (Zoroastrian) of Fravartin on the day of Ohrmazd at midday. Yatukan adepts will honor March 21st at 12 PM with libations, incense and a small fire with human hair mingled in the flames creating smoke as a willful affirmation as a living temple of Ahriman. To enter the Adversarial Current is to be accountable for your self-determined path towards strength, wisdom and power balanced with a sense of balance between creation and destructive acts.
As Ahriman entered the sky, his form a blackened terrible serpent, winged and poisoned fang under burning eyes, the very sky was shaken. The sky shank from Ahriman in terror, even as a ewe would shrink in fear from a wolf. Now Ahriman would bring balance and adversarial motion into the world; thus the strong and cunning would survive in nature.” – From “Drauga – Ahrimanian Yatuk Dinoih”, Michael W. Ford, Succubus Productions 2014

The myth for Zoroastrians represents the value of the worship of Ahura Mazda against their Devil and the Daevas, enemies of the monotheists who submit to a guiding and rewarding power above them. Luciferians recognize Ahriman as a deep symbol of self-will and liberation from restrictive belief, also the challenge and adversarial spirit in nature which inspires the strife in this life that makes us stronger in mind and body.

Struggle and challenge in life rouses the Luciferian to adapt and overcome, equally to utilize strategy and the strength of will to master the world he or she lives in.

To celebrate this Ahrimanian date of earthly determination, the Yatus (sorcerer or witch) will burn a black candle at 12 noon, offering a simple strand of hair to the flame: an act of blasphemy in Zoroastrianism which is a direct offering to Ahriman and the Daevas of the yatukan sects. Pouring a libation into a crack or hole in the ground is also suitable, while chanting a simple invocation of ‘in the name of Ahriman’ is appropriate as well.

Further reading:

Drauga – Ahrimanian Yatuk Dinoih, Michael W. Ford, Illustrated by Kitti Solymosi. Succubus Productions 2014

March 21, 2017 Michael Ford


The Adversary By Bael’ial Feriluc

I, the omniscient power,
Hidden in time and space,

Beyond the observation,

King in the Darkness.

I am the violent one,

Devouring celestial matter,

Explosions that light the sky,

Out in the emptiness of the cosmos.

I am the binding of the quantum,

I am that which repels like forces,

I devour light absorbed within,

And spit out the spectrum unneeded.

I radiate with all visible and invisible spectrums,

Painting the world in beautiful rays,

I am the ripping apart of matter,

And the binding of all movement.

I am the force which cracks the ground,

Raising up mountains via pressure,

I am the current which carves the way,

I am the storm that weathers all,

I am the growth of fangs,

The forming of talons,

I am the need for more energy,

Life sustaining through death devoured.

I am the omnipresent force,

That which repels stagnation,

I am decomposer of creation,

The creator of decomposition.

I have no care towards the blind,

I have no pity for the weak,

I care not if you believe in me,

I will continue to reign beyond you.

I, the omnipotent present,

Enter the mind,

I awaken the soul to life,

Motion, growth, progression.


Practicing Luciferianism and the Isolate Path of the Individual By Michael W. Ford

Luciferianism has grown steadily since the publication of Book of the Witch Moon, Luciferian Witchcraft, The Bible of the Adversary and Adversarial Magick from 1999 through the 2000’s. Initially, my grimoires were for the select few whose philosophical and spiritual alignments existed ‘outside’ of established ‘occultism’ of the mainstream. Embracing an emerging and syncretic assimilation of techniques and practices embracing the “Adversary”, Luciferianism ascended from the groundbreaking Satanic teachings established by Anton Szandor LaVey and the Sethanic Egyptian practices of Charles M. Pace. Early on, I utilized disciplines, teachings and practices of all avenues of spirituality which could be applied from a Left Hand Path perspective.
I utilized Aleister Crowley’s Thelema and that of John Whiteside Parsons, the artist Cameron, Kenneth Grant’s Typhonian tradition, Austin Osman Spare’s Zos Kia Cultus, Buddhist and Bon Po meditation disciplines, European “Satanic” and Cainite Witchcraft traditions (partially stemming from working with Typhonian and other groups), Voodoo and Palo Mayombe trance techniques and sorcery, Heretic Ancient Persian sorcery known as Yatuk Dinoih, the medieval grimoire traditions and demonology, Hellenistic (Greco-Roman), Egyptian and the Tree of Daath from Kabbalah. When utilized with Germanic Rune Magick, LaVeyan Satanic ritual psychodrama, Sinister Path teachings, Chaos Magic and the philosophical center of the Sethanic Cult of Masks, Luciferianism slowly took shape from my antinomian trial and error practices.
More times than I could count, I was given resistance from every tradition I worked with. Being told “your wrong” consistently really put the “Left Hand Path” idea to the test. In that spectrum, I was completely alone and could only rely on myself. I trusted my instincts, I was aligned and aware of my “Daemon” and True Will. Against all odds, I practiced with both failures and success in good measure. As I forged my path, the successes in both mundane life and in my practice outweighed the mistakes. My aim was to establish an understanding of the hidden traits and virtues of the Adversary and the energy that archetype and current represented not only in history, but now in the so-called “enlightened” times.
I soon began to conceptualize what the philosophical foundations of Luciferianism and how they differed from Satanism and similar LHP schools of thought. This initiatory journey revealed some clear points which strengthened the ‘otherness’ of the path and how Luciferianism embraces and supports other traditions. I have always taken great effort to recognize and support philosophically aligned traditions, even if they proclaim disdain to Luciferianism. I have always sought to “lead by example” in resisting the petty bickering and dart throwing against what others may perceive as “rivals” in the genre.
Those who attack my works often have never read nor understood enough about Luciferianism to clearly bring valid points meriting discussion; it often is no more than profane immaturity and grade-school “name calling”. If a meaningful debate is offered, with a basic knowledge of what is being discussed, as time permits I always enjoy such diversions. If they offer empty insults with little to back their accusations, I ignore them and waste little thought on these (often) underachieving internet-occultists. If I decide to direct some sublime cruel comments or to smack them (metaphorically) back in their low place, I do such with pleasure and the joy that controlled disgust might bring.
Luciferians as I have found are as unique and different as they could possibly be: interests are different, the approach of Luciferianism will be in any point on the spectrum between rational philosophy to spiritual practices known as Magick. Many find a connection with the more Satanic approach and aesthetic; others are dedicated to disciplined Thelemic practices. As I know from my establishment of the early Witchcraft covens and works, some are devoted to the Cainite mysteries of Luciferian craft.
I find online communities and forums to be filled mainly with four types: the first being the recognized “leaders” who seem steadfast in their personalities online. They can either be Luciferian in perception or closed-off “elitists” who love to complain about anything slightly “different”. The second type are the “good” soldiers, those who embrace a specific “identity” based on their interests. They love to strive for trivial “titles” or the presumed authority to focus others to the first types’ designs. The third type are the dabblers and “trolls”: attracted as dabblers to the shallow “image” as they see it. The “trolls” simply find gratification by getting the attention of those they strive to annoy. The forth are the individualistic authoritarians: they focus on mature points of reference and don’t often spend too much time bickering or denouncing others.
Several of these types are Luciferian.
The first type are self-directed leaders who have the talent and interest for online communications. The second type are those who either have productive things going on in “real life” or like to support those who lead specific areas of interest. This does not indicate they are necessarily “followers”, they often contribute in numbers for those attempting to apply any type of chosen path. The forth type are often experienced and mature individuals who can be leaders when they find the opportunity to apply their talents or knowledge.
The dabblers and trolls are always appearing and won’t be going away: like fleas they do what their nature drives them to do. Personality deficient losers will learn just enough about their target community to get their foot in the door, then drawing attention to themselves in some shallow way. How do you establish if a person is authentic to their proclaimed path? I found by experience it is very simple: Do they live in daily life the principles or philosophy they claim to believe in?
Luciferians must be individuals to the point that there is a clear application of the 11 Points of Power, albeit uniquely to their own life. It starts in everyday routines until it is habit, once this has been established the individual begins to transform their way of thinking. The Luciferian evolves, becomes and life starts to reflect the inner world of this living philosophy. Some will try to be Luciferians to the point of hostility, proclaiming what they are to the point of boredom to the observer. Some will claim they are “Luciferian” so much that they start to believe it, without applying the essence of the philosophy. They might “get it” at some point, yet rarely this is so. You either think like a god or goddess, or you don’t. You either are self-confident with some level of a sense of humor or you take yourself way too seriously.
Luciferians can use the adversarial approach in life to their advantage: this will make you stronger. Take interest in those who offer courtesy and mutual respect: have disdain and look right through the dabblers who will do nothing but irritate and waste your time. Luciferians are akin to gardeners: we must destroy parasitic plants to cultivate the beautiful and worthwhile treasures of that garden.


Chaos Released by Unas Nacht Mordis 

Chaos Released
I prepare my temple of Reptilian Invocation with the revered skins of killers and consumers of flesh. My heart races and excites the libido as I set my candles and incense to correspond with my desire to touch the exhilarating and possessing realm of the hidden ones. The sigils and symbols are ready, and the night is black as it is the new moon. I begin with the chanting of Barbarous tongues and enchantment of the mind begin my ritual I am lost and dissolved in that moment.
“âharmanyasnô ahmî âharmanyasnô dregvantem, hãm-raêthwa duzhdâ”
Chanting and releasing my connection to the mundane mind is stratified, I am out of my body now, and facing the void, chaos is detected sensed, as the fresh smell of lifeblood is pungent in the air. Fear overtakes me as my sense of self is lost and I am falling into abyssal chaos.
“”I awaken my voice from the void,
I am DUSHMATA- giving thought to the fire of my will.
I Am DUSHUKHTA- I empower my deeds to the ends of my success with my words.
I am DUSHVARSHTA- I think before I act with intent to conquer.
I am ANAGHRA TEMAH- the doorway to the void”
IO Eosphoros- I am the Dawn. bringing Endless Darkness”
My mind travels to every forbidden desire and lust which is hidden in the Darkness of that forsaken place. I am freed from the inhibitions to speak of the real words I want to say. I am empowered to commit the acts which empower my experience. I have aborted the King of Chaos and bring the creative force to fruition with my creation of destructive chaos as I George on his essence. Life is given through the union with my mother, the Dragon of Venomous creation. Overloaded with this death of illusions I peer directly into the womb of the mother, and travel to her bosom. I am strengthened by my transformation into the mask of Cain, I am her lover and son.


The Witches Sabbat by Unas Nacht Mordis II°

      What is the Witches Sabbat?

It is the opening of carefully crafted quintessence to the outer realms of abyssal consciousness.
The gateway to the world of disembodied spectersal delights with the Gods and Godesses of the Black Flame.
The Shamans doorway to supernal knowledge .
The portal to hidden , phantasmal and treacherous ; danger and pleasure.
Samael stands playing the mournful fiddle of lost illusion and Lucifer looks outward for the gathering of all who know the way.
Lilith offers passage to those who will relent to her seduction of lust and thirst for fresh blood.
It is a two horned song to the God of shattered dreaming , piercing through Mauve mist , bringing shadow waking consciousness. The all nothing meeting supreme manifestation in a combustion of orgasmic and mournful pain.
The lark, spinning with torturous screech on the spinners wheel, the Crow, tumbling to its death and the place of immortal spirits who catch its message .
The mirror , gazed within and the depths of Arezura opened wide.
All seductive and desired pleasures are found in this Blackened place of meeting, only the sons and daughters of Cain can reach it.

The abominable song of barbarous howling spins the winding thread which leads to the supreme coven.

Once the skin of the cattle mask is torn and flayed from your soul, the hidden name of Wolf and Snake may be worn as the forbidden pleasures of the Goat child are known.


I am Phosphorus by Unas Nacht Mordis II°

Many people have different questions about Luciferianism and Luciferians. This short article will share what I know from my experience what that means and how one becomes a Lucifer. Luciferians are people who desire to break the chains of religious and secular dogma which inhibits their ability to live freely and happily without guilt derived from superstitious or manipulative ideology which constrains the psyche from reaching its full potential. Often, repressive behaviors are a result of oppressive beliefs. Lucifer is recognized as a symbol of Bearing light in spite of the ignorance of its origin and etymology. Satan is viewed as a tragic story of the Promethean hero who is banished for rebelling against the robotic rule of suffocating dogma much as in Milton’s Paradise lost. Lucifer is a Roman concept of rising to one’s potential as a literal torch bearer or bringer of light from the source of abyssal darkness. This Gecko/ Roman idea resonates with The Odyssey, Hercules, and Zeus Cathonos, Greek and Roman Myths of Heroes, and many valiant aspects of our culture.
People have  recently asked Luciferian.Info about what is it that makes one a Luciferian. What does one have to do to become a Luciferian? There is no one clear-cut answer to this question of why people seek out this philosophy. There are however very clear and defined facts concerning what it means, at least for those who are TOPH members. Many may vary from group to group. Essentially, Luciferians desire to live as a Prometheus, a living Eosphoros, a bringer of light. Luciferians look to many of the Cthonic Gods and Goddesses  from days long past to utilize the darkness of the subconscious to invoke and create the light of that conquering Helioscopic burst of life , desire, and will that many heroes and kings of old utilized to rule and conquer their world. We want to conquer ourselves and bring our personal wills to fruition via self-deification and apotheosis. Self-empowerment is accomplished by simple yet challenging changes in mindset.
First, it is imperative that the individual’s will is known as Devine. Slavery to arcane and restrictive beliefs is broken by the breaking of taboos, and the will is strengthened by challenging yourself to overcome weakness. Meditative mind control pointed at gaining power over the emotions and thoughts. Spiritual rebellion via rituals that rewire the mind to think as a God. Many who practice these techniques understand that the key to all dark and light lies within. The Gods, Demigods, past, present, and future can theoretically be conjured from within the subconscious and for some this is a literal manifestation.This gateway to Luciferian Gnosis is known as Leviathan, dragon of the watery abyss. Some choose a more agnostic or athiest aproach as Luciferians are not required to believe in anything they can not find results in.
The aspirant to Luciferhood must begin to take full responsibility for their life in the here and now. Establishing an office of godhood unto the self, and answerable only to the self and those who one has made a social contract with. The enemies and monsters that drive this self made rebellion against weakness are none other than our own illusions and prisons of ignorance.
What does it take to be a Luciferian? The will to conquer one’s limitations (self made or imposed ) to the best of one’s ability. The desire to see that will created in the here and now. The belief that there is no God determining your fate but yourself.
Many deeply revere the wisdom of ancient spiritual paths of predatory might such as Yatuk Dinioh,Babylonian Magick, or Enochian Watchers. Egyptian wisdom teaches us how to manifest the above and below with skill and power. Sabbatic Witchcraft brings special techniques into the individual who does not bow down or worship anyone above the self.
To conclude, both becoming and being a Luciferian is not tangled in religious dogma or servitude to such ideas. There is no higher authority than one’s self. Some choose to join an organization with which to have peers and work together; some remain solitary in their path.
Luciferic transmutation is a self-empowered and self-actuated experience, different for each Phosphori. A shining black diamond in the reflective heat of the power of self- luminescence.

Kali: The Burning Away of Dross

Kali: The Burning Away of Dross

By Maria Wednesday 

I bow my head, says Prasad, before desire and liberation; Knowing the secret that Kali is one with the highest Brahman, I have discarded, once for all, both righteousness and sin. Ramprasad Sen

Who is Kali but She who cuts away that which is not, and leaves only that which is? If there were ever a single diety embodies all that one needs and requires, Kali is it. To the ignorant and foreign, She appears frightening and savage. This is warranted for She is fierce beyond description, but of the most beautiful fierceness imaginable.

Kali is reminiscent of the mythological tale in which Ishtar journeys to the Underworld. As Ishtar passes through each gate, seven in total, and at each She was asked to disrobe an item. First her crown, then her radiance, her bracelets, her veil, her robe, and so forth, until She reached the inner sanctum nude and without power. Such is the one who comes to know Kali, whom comes in intimate contact with Her through yantra, yoga, and mantra. As in Christian parable, come unto God as a child. Mind you, this does not mean powerlessness nor weakness. This is a presentation of self in its absolute core, stark naked, as a student presents herself unto a Master in pure earnestness to learn. One discards that which is not, and presents only what is.

This is the essence of Kali, a blazing knife with cuts through butter, which severs away that which is not, which burns away the dross, leaving only that which is. It is the apophatic approach, the negative approach, to speak as ‘you are not this, you are not that’. As one focuses on the yantra, it is as the insulation of a wire removed, leaving only the live wire itself. It is the removal of the dross, the clay, leaving only the fire, the raw power itself. In the imagery of Kali we see her with machete, with severed heads, with violent spirit, for She hacks away that which is waste. The more one clings, the more one clenches with attachment, the more painful and threatening this can be. The less one clings, as Ishtar through each gate, as an earnest nude student to a master, a child unto God, the easier the dross melts away. This is the paradox of clinging to dross by thinking it is strength, when it is the release of it which allows ‘that which is’ to be revealed, that raw fire or power. The less we cling or grasp, the more we have to spend or use. Naturally we are pure power, if only we would allow ourselves to be such by letting go and returning to this natural state. This is the beauty and ability of Kali, to directly cut through without mercy or hesitation.

Linguistically and theologically, in occult and elsewhere, there has been dubbed the ‘Left Handed Path’ and the ‘Right Handed Path’. I am not a pedantic on the matter. People can define it as they will. I mention it now relevant to this apophatic approach, to this approach through Kali. In the orthodox, the right handed, it is a slow and steady delayering to lay open only ‘that which is’. Perhaps lifetimes, perhaps not, but a cautious and steady orthodox approach through certain religious living. Then there is the heterodox, sometimes seen as transgressive even. It is the more straight and dangerous approach which instead of slowly lifting back layer after layer, it is as a hot knife to butter slicing away the dross, leaving only the raw power. This is the essence of Kali, an apophatic force that immediately burns away the dross, leaving only ‘that which is’. It is naturally threatening and frightening to one whom clings or is attached to the dross, but to one whom presents themselves as Ishtar did, or as a nude woman to a lover does, it can only be described as intoxicating and beautiful.

It is the baring of oneself to the utmost, but it is simultaneously through the apophatic force of Kali that it is done. Perhaps one may call it ‘atman’, or the ‘True/Higher Self’, or the ‘Primordial State’; the name does not matter. Personally I can only describe it as ‘raw fire’ or ‘raw power’, or as ‘only that which is’. Words fail me past what I have written above. It is a resonating hum, a steady vibration, a still fire, that I feel within and there is nothing else but that. This is the beauty of Mother Kali that brings tears to my eyes as I write this and share with the universe at large. If I could summarize it succinctly, Kali is that direct apophatic force which cuts away ‘that which is not’ and leaves only ‘that which is’.
Om Hrim Shreem Klim Adya Kalika Param Eshwari Swaha [Om Hreem Shreem Kleem Ahd-yah Kah-lee-kah Pah-rahm Ehsh-wah-ree Swah-hah]

“Om and salutations to She who is the first one, dark within her own reality, the supreme primordial feminine, who cuts through illusion to the unabridged truth of existence.”




This Yatukih-Dinoih working makes use of Elemental spirits whom, vibrating at a lower and more dense vibrational frequency, serve to ensnare the aetheric essence of the wandering dead. Of modest intellect, Elementals align and bond to uniform forces in nature and exhibit characteristics some might approach with disdain. Nonetheless, as agents to hearken the obliteration of the shades their steadfastness is directed in concert with Druj and Daeva. Amplified by black initiates, these Persian demigods are bolstered first by dead matter, blood, hair and fingernail clippings along with any insect or mammalian carcasses parts as is convenient. The shades of the dead become paralyzed in the Elemental quicksand as black initiates swoop in to devour what essence the dead might possess.
[ Invocation of the Elementals ]

I shake and tremble towards the twilight sylphs!

Disturb the rest of the Dead this night!

Undines I synchronize with you – engorged leaches of the abyss – gnawing upon decay. Yours is the appetite I assume!

Trolls of the Earth the time for revenge converges! Stretch your gnarled limbs and rise from the earth as we feast upon the shock of the dead!

Burning Salamandra! Swollen with lust, I braise the crackling of fires about me! Come not in mischief but in venomous aggression!
[ Sumerian chanting, Drumming and calling Congress of Druj ]



We invoke you, Akoman, so that within may we unchain the dogs of war.

Vangh Daeva Uz’da Yi


I invoke Aeshma and the shrill mace which shatters bone, let darkness thicken about me!

Vangh Daeva Uz’da Yi
I evoke Sauru who, in these blackening glades projects the fiery bolt of death all-consuming!

Vangh Daeva Uz’da Yi
From the Abysmal Waters I call Mechalot,

Grand Baptizer of Horror; align and magnetize me that I might be succinct while engorged,

That I might savor and bloat as the gratified striking serpent,

My mind is unclean, and strong..

Vangh Daeva Uz’da Yi
[ Convocation of Tiamat ]

I call upon you, most Ancient Mother,

Deep within the unforgotten primordial disaster of creation,

Shift the bowels of Earth!

From whence fire and darkness run twain,

Your breath and gait loose poisonous fissures of toxic fume,

Gurgling with terrible countenance.
TIAMAT! Whistle through the crumbling earth.

TABAET! Thousand-headed horror whose coming transformed Air and the Sea into Nightmare Floods of Old!
TIAMAT! Arise oncemore and let the Dead Awaken in a distraught tangle of urgency!

TABAET UR-AAPEP! COPULATE IN FURY as your tentacles worm about and through us!

Uncoil and expend thy coils into this night!
TIAMAT! Terrible one! She who births and devours Titans!

We wail in ecstatic fury as Sheol is rent asunder!
Corrode the sleep of the righteous and let your crawling minions come forth!

Slide upon the raucous backs of the elementals from the in-between spaces

To cloud the dead ones of virtuous knowledge, reuniting them with bitter lusts of old!

Let the pain of centuries animate the shades of corpses!

Afflict, oncemore, the backs of the splintered dead,

Recollect the turgid weight of temporal burden and of dreams unfulfilled!

Under the guise of these gods of darkness,

I interlock this blood, bones and spittle with the shells of hiving insects

Craft this barbarous subterfuge in the dead realms!
[ Recognition of the Gnostic Demons of Mortality]

Masked in the Might of these Daemons of Death I awaken you Dead Ones:

IO Erimacho, demon of unslaked thirst gasping in the jaw of the dust-caked skull.

IO Oroorrothos, Ice Lord and thief of vital warmth which abandons the soul in the ravage of time.

IO Athuro, demon of fungal rot, coaxing fluid from corpses!

IO Phloxopha, Witch of the Gahanna Fires! Cauterize the Dead and to prolong their travails this night!
[ Stalking the Dead ]

To each of the Wandering Dead oblivious to your state:


Corpse of the Criminal , depraved and deceitful of sex:



Water-treading Sycophants, thieves and vegabonds who sulk in a self-appointed darkness, awaiting penitence which never comes:


To the Dead of Trauma who lie still in the earth in fearful paralysis:



To the Pestilent Dead who fell prey to Plague and Famine:

[ Encircling Consumption of the Dead ]

By Belial & Tiamat’s Ruptured Earth, I shake you out!

By Lucifuge Rofocale at twilight’s coming,

Mournful gales of the night, stir us to noxious violence against the dead~!

Be smothered in Ahriman’s choking robes!

Dead Ones! Strike out blindly in exhaustion!

Smothering Sylphs come down from the canopy of heaven!

Undine leeches, attach! Trolls of the Earth accost!

Serpents of Fire decrease your perimeter of flame!

By Widdershins we prey!
Salivating sorrow! Fear-Feast!

Devour the Dead Ones!

Encircle! Digest!

Let not a drop of the Shades slip past!

We hail you, Daeva and Druj,

By this rite of the Vultures of Samhain,

The aetheric will of the Dead Ones has been consumed,

Into the macrocosm of the living.

Breathe, thirst & hunger!



Ignite, black fires of Ahriman, within me.
O Black Fires of Ahriman.
Sacred Ascription of the Lie,
Author of Anguish,
Confounder of Angels
By Black Fires of Ahriman.
I invoke you, Aeshma-Taprev,
Lords of Revolt and Desire
Majesty of Malcontent
Hammer of Yazad-Srosh strikes!
Clamorous voice of Peshyotan, heave!
Vaporous Druj I Nashus, illicit!

Aku Mainyu, Lord of Revolt!
Progenitor of the Evil Spirits,
Pierce my eyes with your hunger-wield
By Spenta Mainyu, blind me!
Be Achistem Manah, torturous mongrel,
Lead me astray unto fullest voids,
Prismatic and endless darkness!

Sacred menace, forever renewing
Andar, protect me from virtue.
Of Angra Spenta by Akoman
Word made flesh.

Ahriman! Towards every immoral stir, you are found.
Ahriman! Towards every boundary and limit of mind,
Ahriman: worm and twist within me!.

Void and bane of multiplicity
From the spiked rungs of draconian vertebrae
In darkness, Daeva and Druj prism forth
Ruined and blasphemous in hardened form
One to steer Man, another to beast
One to Steer Fire, another to iron
One to steer earth
One to steer water
One to disrupt from within.
Spenta Mainyu, blind me!
Excise me from natural order,

Andar protect me from virtue:
Exploit each parity as all symmetry is purged.
As a sacred menace, ever-renewing.
Bring nightmares beyond imagination.

Purge from me!
Compassion for the witless.
Purge from me!
All inner-justification.
Purge from me!
Mercy for the dead.

Affliction of Intellect,
Collapse the rigid unto sated phallus
Affliction of Sight: bloat forbidden senses.
Affliction of Sound, dismiss clarity with deafening silence
Affliction of Smell, fetid eternity- waft!
Affliction of Tongue with acidic inflammation!
Affliction of Touch from the uncontrolled stirring within.

Aeshma, obsess me with that which I have no attraction
O Black Fires of Ahriman.
Bane of the World, thy temper KHIM!
Unfathomable thy capability HUNAR!
Self-possession, the creed.
Your greatest wisdom is to acknowledge and devour.
Affliction, tributaries in wake!
Creation which counterflects.
Unrelenting Tukhshakih, emerge!


Adversarial Culture