Left Hand Path, Lucifer and Luciferianism

          Left Hand Path, Lucifer and Luciferianism

 An Introduction

              By Paul Núñez for the I ° Official Meeting of the Greater Church of Lucifer – Perú

Lima, 12/22/15 e.v. – 22/12/03 N. L. E.

  (Transcription by the Author)


The journey to the discovery of the secrets of the existence and the universe is one which is hard, taboo and filled with pitfalls at every step.

It requires a lot of effort, study, and practice. Pushing oneself to the direction chosen and staying the course is something that nowadays, with so many flashy and distracting lights in the streets and our televisions, seems impossible. In the age of information bombing and wills of mud, very few dare to conclude anything, if even start it. The path of the adventurer is one that is best appreciated from the comfort of the couch, with junk food in one hand and the remote in the other. But the fight ends not isolating themselves from the outside; it is the internal struggle the fiercest of all and the one that tempers and shapes the steel which can become our own being.

The ecclesiastical and political “authorities” and even family often prohibit us from ascending behind the curtain of the theater in which we all interpret a role. From the status quo; and whatever be this order, accepted without question, it must be kept for your own safety, according to their standards, although it is actually their own security which is threatened on discovering that the beams on which they built their temples are moth-eaten and rotten, awaiting only a new and strong wind to knock them down. If you have the temerity to delve into alternative ways, you will be branded as sinner, iconoclastic and crazy, by priests, “leaders” and even health “professionals”, keepers of what is right and the flow that everything and everyone must follow. The rebel is innate in our existence, sharply noticeable in our youth, but often is crushed by the oppressive boots from what It is supposed is normal, to see this become smaller and obey the norm. Still echoed in me the words from older people with a boring life who told me (and still says), “I was like that at your age (or more), the time will make you come around”. According to their standards, maybe I will come around the day that I may be a exploited clerk which give the best of himself to only for his work, with wife and children to sustain until the day I save enough to “enjoy” my life in my 70 years; the ideal pursued by many. This narrow view and way of seeing the world is not only preached, but imposed, leaving little chance if any for that individual.

What is normal?” “What is right?” “What and who I am?” They are a few of the questions that sooner rather than later come for us. We began to question society and ourselves within a system of blind obedience. If we continue pulling from the thread of the fabric from the established, will come many more questions to us, until we come to the question of the origin of everything and the fearsome sense of our lives. Once tested this cup the thirst increases instead of diminishing and one no longer be the same again. But we must be careful, if we want to get real answers; we should not conform with the outside of the fruit from the tree, but go after its content, make it ours. The traps appear again and again, Maya, the world of appearances, is full of illusions that have a nice disguise of truth, but they are just stinking water wells, more dogmatism and absurdities.

Hermann Hesse, the famous writer and philosopher, mystic besides, describes this process very well with the following: “The bird fights its way out of the egg. The egg is the world. Who would be born must first destroy a world. The bird flies to God. That God’s name is Abraxas.

This Abraxas of the ancient Gnosticism refers, besides the balance and unity of polarities, to the inner being, the true self, devoid of all psychological, religious and cultural burden. A key concept always present in this tour to which will be back later.

The burden we carry with us is not easy to leave behind, because we have emotional ties that bind us firmly that gives us support and stability, so they are only beliefs without foundation; that itself is the reason for the success of religions with its comforting lies and the benefit of having something over one to take care from our steps and a promise of a better life, not their truths.

In these crutches of thought –fuzzy lenses that are not our extent –, we can identify an interesting psychological phenomenon called cognitive bias. Actually, this follows in many categories, but for the clarity of our theme will use practical examples. The cognitive bias that people use is the basis of any belief with information to support it, denying that ones which contradicts it, for more serious, reasoned and qualified that is. Thus any self-appointed authority, for most outlandish it is, is right about anything, and not an academic with their credentials. Our need for answers to questions come to play us a trick, a tremendous self-deception in which we fall more easily without the resources that allow us critical thinking. Thus we have an unwavering firmness in the belief that certain plants cure certain type of complex illness sustained in a distant relative’s cousin neighbor or the conviction in the story of a friend of a friend of a friend that someone close to him died by witchcraft by a shaman “pacted with the devil”; what many would sound known in our environment along with the myriad of folk superstitions that abound in our country. This not only applies to so-called “magical thinking” of modern medicine and psychology, but also any opinion within the field of public opinion. There are a number of beliefs about politicians, and an infinite number of historical facts, have you ever heard that Hitler escaped in a UFO to the Antarctica or that there are global conspiracies by all sorts of things, from human Semites to large reptoids that can get to wear masks with the faces of George Bush and Queen Elizabeth II? So unreal and crazy as they may seem, there are people living under those beliefs, in constant fear from the government and spies whom overnight developed an interest in the dull life of an average citizen. Boogeymans and devils of the past today take new forms.

However, sadly, this not only happens with people with little education, but also academically trained people, who for one reason or another, convenience, sentimentality or pure folly, take this to exaggerated levels. For instance, it remains an irreconcilable relationship the science and the Christian faith, however, existed and still exist astrophysicists, biologists and Christian scientists, who in betrayal of the objectivity of science misrepresent their research, twist and push them to adapt to the narrowness of their paradigm, so we have, God himself made the big bang or that evolution is the way he works. It is not unreasonable to think on a principle gave rise to all, and perhaps not at one conscious that created the whole universe, but it is a creator with all the features of the Christian God –and no other more despite the vastness of the divine pantheons–, being its attributes human rather than something divine language, our passions and traits raised to greatest exponent, as evidenced by a reading of the Bible itself.

Part of this religious justification and moral enveloped the world for many centuries, and even today we suffer from a hangover. This is no stranger to the realm of the esoteric, which has also been reproduced in aspects such as the so-called Christian esotericism. Each time developed their way of thinking, which responds to the closed and narrow visions of the past, besides the progress that we have now. The way to treat spirituality progresses at the same time the subject that interprets it, man.

The nineteenth century is marked by many changes, humanity as a whole began to run, after learning to walk and crawl. For the occult, it was a decisive time for the creation of the Theosophical Society by Helena Blavatsky and his associates in the US in 1875 (date of birth of the greatest magician and revolutionary of modern times), an organization that eventually grew to thousands of members worldwide at the time, which still continues to this day with its own evolution, and whose greatest achievement was to create a link between the teachings of the East to the West. To this society, we owe directly much of what we have today for contemporary occultism, apart from Rosicrucianism, Freemasonry and ceremonial magic of the Golden Dawn. Of the many concepts proper and exported, there is one that is worth mentioning at this point. Blavatsky claimed to have an alleged contact with the White Lodge or White Brotherhood and Secret Chiefs, spiritual teachers guiding the development of the world and the man with whom she had conversations where they revealed their secrets. There are few details of these, all are very vague, fanciful and surrounded by a moral burden always present. They are light, the good ones, practitioners of white magic from Atlantean times and more; contrary to their counterparts who fight for degeneration of man into the materialism of the flesh: The Black Lodge or Brotherhood, guilty of all evil in the world. Respectively each of these groups are part of the Path of the Right Hand and Hand Path Left, term tantric origins (as it is understood and categorized in western practices from the many religious and esoteric groups in India). One is “good” and the other is “bad”, practitioners of white magic and black magic; reminiscent of its time, sex is something negative, directly or implicitly, in addition to the joy of earthly life and its excesses, so the Black Brothers on the Path of the Left Hand are also demonized by surrendering to them.

In India, the actual etymological origin and model of these two paths, we have the Dakshinachara and Vāma-mārga in tantric practices. While there are many groups with their own beliefs, we can find here the essential keys to recognize both paths, its principles. The Dakshinachara is the return to the beginning, the great source and divinity and become one with this, merging and turning off its being as a drop falling into the ocean, is the death of consciousness and all that is life, by own choice; all this is achieved through the practices established by tradition, along with respect and veneration of the standards set to achieve this union. In contrast, in the Vama-mārga, the practitioner enjoys his life and consciousness venerating the deities as one would with a lover (a text of the Upanishads tells us that all gods are enclosed within the body) becoming one immortal and god to continue enjoying the interaction, a kind of dance with the cosmos without extinguishing the flame of consciousness that allows us to that contact. Practitioners of Vama-mārga are recognized until today especially for his unorthodox practices including breaking social taboos by the practice of pancha-makara or literally, the “5 M’s,” which consists in consumption of wine, meat, fish, cereals and sex; unlike sacred diets and abstinence to attain enlightenment. This was, and still is, taken to the extreme in some Aghoris groups, the most recognized of Vama-mārga in India, where they consume rotten (and even human) flesh, urine and faeces and engage in necrophilic practices to achieve their own divinity under the tutelage of the terrible gods as Bahirava, an aspect of Shiva and Kali and/or Chinamasta, one aspect of Shakti, an example to the most simplistic reduction of the complex Hindu pantheon. These practices were not made by the taste of debauchery and gratuitous perversion, but as a means to find oneself, breaking free of the bonds of society. There is a saying in those beliefs that says it is much safer to walk on the blade of a sword or ride a tiger to walk the Vāma-mārga; enlightenment is much faster than the decades of yogis of traditional religions, however it is much more dangerous and madness awaits at every step. Many current practitioners do not support at all the extreme practices that violate the legal as well as what I mentioned is part of the story; behind every esoteric practice there are underlying secrets not perceptible by the pashu or the uninitiated. We can divide the methodology of each of the tantric trails and Bakhti Jnana (knowledge) and (devotion respectively).

Aleister Crowley, the famous English magician who changed forever the esoteric world, himself to also subscribed this moraline and double standard using the same colorful labels for people who displease him. Austin Osman Spare, another revolutionary English magician who would become posthumously grandfather chaos magic, was branded as a black magician or walker from path of the left hand (although sometimes he made a distinction between the two terms). Notwithstanding the foregoing, we find in the initiatory system of The Great Beast an important key to understanding the Left Hand Path; Crowley depth cannot be dismissed by their often precipitous relationship with people. Within Thelema, spiritual development system designed by the Master Therion, there are two major peaks that the initiate must reach and cross, the first is the Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel or Aiwass, who becomes the True Self wrapped in terminology and Thelemic symbolism and magick ceremonial; one gets a glimpse of his true being and explores its power, the second ordeal is the most dangerous, entering or crossing the Abyss to become a “Babe of the Abyss” and the confrontation with Choronzon, resulting in the complete disintegration of the worldly personality, one crisis after which the initiate can get lost in the madness or illuminated to reach higher levels in their initiation to achieve one divine.

For Crowley, on the heights the greater clarity in his work without his usual teasing, the Right Hand Path and the Left one do not differ until the break which is entering the Abyss, is there -and only there-where one becomes a Black Brother, which has betrayed the Great Work and its inner self to be placed False Crown of Knowledge (Daath) and thus preserve his ego even beyond death, although that power will eventually disappear along with that ghostly existence; the other option is to become a Brother of the Great White Lodge, which will continue until the last levels of initiation to become a Magus and return to the source of everything.

Albeit at these definitions in Thelema, there are some gaps. The ego and personalities of Crowley not ceased to be of immense strength after crossing the Abyss and achieve the highest degree of initiation. The Secret Chiefs who also appeared in Rosicrucianism, Theosophy, the Golden Dawn and then on every esoteric tradition derived, not seem devoid of human traits, as should be the case as defined by the annihilation of the Self from the Right Hand Path. So Crowley, is itself one icon representative of LHP but not on his own recognizance. In short, I will explain what we mean by this at present as we approach today.

In 1966 in San Francisco, USA the organization was officially founded which directly and openly would advocate directly and openly for the liberation of the repressed in man and the acceptance of our animal instincts while denouncing the hypocrisy and self-deception that the white magicians the so-called undergoing. The Church of Satan was founded in that year by Anton LaVey and his wife Diane Hegarty, compiling the Satanist philosophy for the first time in history, the same whose principles are already in man as a natural part of this, but were repressed by those who seek to oppress others with lies of a supernatural control. Satanism is the identification with the mask of Satan for personal development of the individual, the use of symbolism over time for its benefit and liberation. Satanism is not the belief in a being with horns invented by the Church, and while it may be based on much of Christian mythology of the devil this is not taken literally but metaphorically and in opposition as a shock to the religion and society. The Satanists say that if it would be another the main God of the religion, their identification would be with any other opponent. Satan comes from the Hebrew and Aramaic, means Adversary or Opponent, an adjective rather than a noun, a label and not a literal being.

Anton Is in LaVey took for himself terminology Ceremonial Magic and Western Esotericism and took it to an all practical with the philosophy that empowers the human being, instead of blind subjugation to a supposed foreign entity, leading directly to him to be one of the greatest representatives of the Left one Hand Path. Is in LaVey where we meet a representative of the LHP in all rules.

After Crowley’s death in 1947, started a series of conflicts over his legacy and especially for the control of his initiatory order, the Ordo Templi Orientis. One of the possible candidates for the position, after the direct successor, Karl Germer, was the young Kenneth Grant, who in his 20s met Crowley and became his pupil in addition to his secretary.

In the 50’s, Grant created the Lodge of New Isis as part of its section of the O.T.O where even made several works with dark and chaotic energies called as a whole the qliphoth, or qliphoth in relation to the centers of power itself, which earned him his expulsion for going off the Thelemic orthodoxy. Much of this work and additional insights that expand Crowley’s work to other fields comprising the denied parts of magic and man can be found in his famous Typhonian Trilogies started in the 70’s.

Grant was also one of the few to take the names of black brothers and the left hand path towards a practical application devoid of any morality and retaking its connotation and original context in tantric practices. Grant also talks about the survival of consciousness after death (a form of vampirism); besides exploring the forbidden. His material has shaped, with teachers mentioned above, what we have today for magick, occult and the contemporary Left Hand Path.

After LaVey and Crowley appeared different schools who subscribed to the Left Hand Path directly, some understood its true nature, while others wandered between what they wanted to see, in the case of different types of Satanism called themselves “theistic” where it is literally worshiped the Christian creation, rather than seeking transcendence of the individual. Major groups and schools that deserve a mention are the Temple of Set, The Temple of the Vampire, Rune-Gild, Dragon Rouge, The Order of Phosphorus and ONA (the latter, despite the questionable of its existence, it served as a platform for other operating groups that emerged based on his teachings).

Nowadays, many like to be labeled with all sorts of adjectives that sometimes become larger than the carriers, as in the case of a loose garment; so many intuit what they believe what it is, but they are lost in what they want to see, thus becoming slaves of symbolism instead of this work for them, as in the case of a servitude to the demons –for whatever is meant by these –, which will see it is actually the opposite of the Left Hand Path and instead of the RHP. At other times, the terminology become approximate, but it slips through your fingers like water in an attempt to catch it with your hands. The clarity of a consistent definition, useful for our current understanding, calls a precise concept.

The ideologist Stephen Edred Flowers, in his invaluable book, Lords of the Left Hand Path: Forbidden Practices and Spiritual Heresies, points to a definition by recurrent principles identified around the world to define what is and what we mean today by the LHP.

The Right Hand Path is one who seeks Union with the outside world in its greatness, examples of what we have with the Christian God or the gnostic idealist philosophy where man was separated from the divine and your work is return to this, their origin, for their last eternal sleep in the absolute dissolution. This takes any form; go to heaven, nirvana, merging with the universe, nature or any creator god who is waiting for us. This means ceasing to exist in every way, by harmonizing your interior with the exterior, and kill the ego, which is understood here as the center of your being, not the endless voices inside one’s head or the malleable personality.

In contrast, the Left Hand Path focuses on the self, this is the methodology of the crystallization of the psyche to live life to the fullest, being one his own god and center of the universe. The subjective universe is strengthened and expanded, instead of seeking harmony with the outside world.

Where one is theocentric, the other is psychecentric, one is the path that light and seeks his walk and safe guide, while the other tries which be the same initiate able to create their own light in the darkness to illuminate himself .

The LHP is, as may have guessed from the above, the path to personal divinity, be your own God; the center of everything and responsible for your own life and destiny, not a fantasy being flying through the skies and sending thunders with the fingers. This principle is called, self-deification, which is to become your own God and part of a profound individuality.

The second principle is the Antonimianism, which is to go against the tide in support of the first. In ancient times this was understood almost instinctively, which shows the shockingof  some rites of its practitioners. This does not mean committing crimes or go against the laws of our country, but to identify the morals and values and beliefs of society, what is considered “normal” external programming, to destroy the personality created by the outside and re-build a new, governed by the will itself or daemon, as it is called the inner spirit, the divine spark, our true self. The deconditioning makes us restart our system or mind from scratch, as with a computer, and allows us to choose ourselves the programs that will work; rather than others do to our account.

It should be noted here the great deception in which we have lived through Judeo-Christianity, which has shaped our thinking and acting. We usually see in our search for explanations of dualist and extreme forms, reminiscent of Manichaeism; when that is far from the way nature operates. No lion has mercy on his prey when hunting, nor will care him how morally good has been this. The Universe does not know of human morality, something we attribute to our bad habit of animating the inanimate. In the same vein, we have accustomed us to think that the universe must be the conscious creation of a being that mysterious and necessarily has of reasoning and act as would do the humans; avoiding the least attractive idea that we come from Chaos and that the beginning of everything can be found in natural laws of physics and chemistry that we know in depth every day.

To the religious institutions it has been a great help the form of subjugation that drives the Judeo-Christian religion, has to exist according to them “a superior being who we must worship,” but why? It instills fear secretly as a reason to believe, hypocritically hiding under the mask of worship and love, the real interest is that others abide the rules of others, because otherwise we will our asses in hell for all eternity. You would worship and develop love any for a magnate pointing a gun at them, in the case of something “superior” to us? If they were aliens from a distant galaxy to earth, obviously much more powerful than anyone, would this be sufficient and necessary reason to worship? In the darkness of ignorance of our childhood, we saw our parents as wise and capable of all things, is this also a valid argument for worship and submission?

I point here to what Nietzsche called slave morality, in one who is always looking for something above himself that gives direction and sense and who rejoices in his weaknesses turning them into virtues. The submission is good, pride is bad, the desire for more is a sin, humility and even poverty are safe passages skyward. This has rotted the world in favor of those in power, and have taken full advantage the religious leaders. In contrast, Nietzsche speaks of the moral of the masters, looking at the grandeur of the ancient world, where the fight was a symbol of greatness, for the conquest of an external or enemy within oneself; conquest and heroism is what elevates the individual, not the diminishment with the values of the mass. The moral of the noble, the one of the lords is one that is not fruit of the popular consensus but a personal one, a volitional act of pure moral; what it goes beyond good and evil and therefore is above the judgment of ordinary society.

Life itself, to my mind, is nothing more nor less than the instinct of growth, of permanence, of accumulating forces, of power: where the will to power is lacking, degeneration sets in… What is good? — All that heightens the feeling of power, the will to power, power itself in man. What is bad? — All that proceeds from weakness. What is happiness? — The feeling that power increases — that a resistance is overcome. Decía Nietzsche.

I repeat. It is at the forge of Cain where form is given beating the steel of our spirit. The moral of lords, in the Left Hand Path, does not lead to the submission by abstract ideas like “god” or “homeland” who come to be for us very alien concepts of tribal belonging.

Being a humanist path on their way to the divine or transcendence (rather than the contrary in submission), a tool within the course of modern LHP is our innate capacity and in constant refinement to obtain a knowledge that brings us closer to truth, the reason. Aristotle, one of the greatest classical philosophers appoints human reason as the most outstanding and unique feature by which we can gain knowledge. The reason, in classical logic, consists of four principles through which anything must be analyzed to get its true essence:

– The principle of Identity: That one thing is identical only to itself

– The principle of Non-contradiction: Nothing can be and not be at the same time and in the same direction.

– Principle of the Third Excluded: that a statement is or is not.

– Principle of Sufficient Reason: Everything has a sufficient explanation and a sense of being in the way it is.

While we can find criticism within its formulation, as expressed by Hegel or Wittgenstein, we must consider that science and its method –a verifiable way to get to the truth –, It is perfectible and is at the service of man; this should not, and cannot be used to refute dogmatically materialistic everything with the hangover that left us so many years of Christianity oppression. This is certainly an initial method to achieve a critical and active thinking that can move between so much misinformation. For this very reason, a serious practitioner of the Left Hand Path will be reluctant to the belief of any entity, just because, the way that commands us religion and any story that is spreading in our day, as flying saucers, reptoids, global conspiracies or historical facts absurdities playing with the sentimentality of people with a propaganda background and personal interests. Instead of “security” and “certainty” of faith that delineates the answer before making the equation, we start with the reason to formulate our thesis and actively seek an answer. The aristocrats of the spirit steps on firm ground and are against everything wants to impersonate truth without questioning.

There are two approaches within the LHP, which Flowers calls immanent and transcendent. The first is to live life to the fullest in the here and now, exemplified by the creation of a work of art or philosophy, to give some examples, while transcendental approach seeks, through active spirituality, separation of the objective universe and go beyond the flesh, to be like the Secret Chiefs of the teachings of Blavatsky and Crowley; the immortality of the psyche.

Both seek immortality differently, it did not necessarily requires the practitioner believes in the spiritual, although it is encouraged to begin that path from zero to no vitiate the results with logical fallacies.

Similarly, we find two divisions within the Right Hand Path, where we find the religious people who follow the orders of their institutions and sacred sources in a labyrinth in the dark, while the other party seeks, through the esotericism and magic, back to the beginning of everything and the union with a critical attitude. We can qualify this bifurcation as exoteric and esoteric.

On this basis, we can say that _the Left Hand Path, is psyche-centric, as it focuses on the psyche and in the subjective and inner world and not on the mechanics of the objective and exterior, is a methodology towards immortality in the material or spiritual, characterized by self-deification and Antinomianism, and that makes use of our distinctive ability that makes us human, the reason, which helps us to gain knowledge. This is nothing moral, is neither bad nor good, as in the initial system of Thelema; broadly, these paths can be interlacing, and will be characterized by the ultimate end, the disappearance of our existence or continuation of this, earthly or spiritually.

The Left Hand Path  is an anti-natural, one because it opposes the established flow of the universe to create a current itself, but is, in turn, the natural path of humanity, for it, in its subjective world – its inner world , escapes nature to take shape and own evolution, beyond the mechanics of the objective universe, despite being limited to this. Subjective Universe and the Left Hand Path go hand in hand, because this path is that of the new possibilities of man in its evolution to more refined states of consciousness.

We were talking about different pathways within the Left Hand Path, it’s time to talk about one whose pattern archetype has gathered us in this hall in this sunset and is also the main character of this event, the “demonized” and smeared representation of everything that makes us great, Lucifer.

Surely, to thinking about this figure we are comes to mind the commonly accepted story of the archangel created by God who out of pride, and in an act of self-awareness, caused a riot in heaven, rebelling against the authority of the creator – considered no more as all good, besides being omniscient, omnipresent and omnipotent, impossibilities between and themselves-, which caused him to be banished to hell while waiting for the Day of Judgment, where he will be allowed to leave and return to tempt humanity and it will then be cast into a lake of fire for eternity with those who followed him. Pretty sadist of the god of love, that great being in which most put their trust and is the support and crutch in difficult times.

Interestingly, we find almost none of this in the Bible, except for small fragments of capricious and malleable meaning. The resource to the story of the fall and the name of Lucifer in Christianity comes from a passage from the book of Isaiah in the Old Testament that says, “How you have fallen from heaven, morning star, son of the dawn! You have been cast down to the earth, you who once laid low the nations! You said in your heart, “I will ascend to the heavens; I will raise my throne above the stars of God; I will sit enthroned on the mount of assembly, on the utmost heights of Mount Zaphon. I will ascend above the tops of the clouds; I will make myself like the Most High. “. It was taken as a reference to the figure of the personification of evil rebel who the religion needs. Morning star is a subsequent translation of a game of linguistic and mistranslations started by St. Jerome that tells us in his translation from Greek into Latin, “quomodo cecidisti de coelo lucifer qui mane oriebaris…”. Lucifer is personified translation of Luxferre, which means “Light Bearer”, from Latin, and this from the Greek Eosphorus and Phosphorus, which in turn has its biblical origins in Hebrew in the sentence of the quoted text of the Old Testament that says “Helel ben Shahar“, Son of Dawn. Shahar derives in turn from Ugaritic, an extinct language, which represents the Goddess of Dawn, the planet Venus in the early hours of the morning, twin of the god Shalim, his brother, the representation of the Evening Star. In all these, the representation of Venus is distinctive, as the light that appears and challenges the sun and the moon (also seen as a child of both) a small and only rebel light in heaven.

The ultimate meaning of Isaiah is uncertain, many scholars debate whether this was made King Nebuchadnezzar II or a variation of the Canaanite myth of the Rebel Attar, where it tries to occupy the throne of Baal after his death.

The story of what is thought to be Lucifer in society still governed by the Christian religion and its values is built on lies, fear and a desire to suppression of the natural in the human on behalf of power hungry authorities and obedience of the gullible. All dualist frame of a good guy, needs by antonomasia the figure of a bad one: communists, Jews, Illuminati, devils of all kinds, etc. and in this case it was well with the archetype of enlightenment of man. This story, rather than a divine, is actually the reflection of man, a very human and as such imperfect, not their inferior condition, as we are we at the top of the pillar of evolution on earth, but because such a thing , such an ideal, it is impossible beyond a linguistic resource and exaltation of what is considered divine. The gods of antiquity suffered from the same dramas that mortals: jealousy, betrayal, infidelity, anger, all that Christianity categorized as bad. A brief review of the Old Testament show us that God also shows these characteristics despite its supposed divine qualities and perfection. God, is nothing more than our confidences, hopes, dreams and good wishes packaged by Christianity in a single figure, which they trying to sell us; however, their holy book, the alleged source that supports their existence contradicts all. To enter the paradigm of Judeo-Christianity one has to leave all rationality, mutilate his humanity and evolving nature and blind himself to anything that contradicts it.

The biblical Lucifer/Satanás It is not in its beginnings evil defined, but had a process to become what we have today, going from folk constructions, to name a scapegoat for the ills of God and human, of the fathers of the Church who took this symbolism as a source of dualism and fear, and finally in the later representations of Romanticism which is defined completely the story as we have it today, the highest Archangel and his army who rebelled against the Almighty in the work of John Milton, where curiously, the character noted for its features is Lucifer despite the Christian background of the work. Initially, Satan was an adjective to qualify an opponent, which actually means in the Aramaic language, which initially became identified with a nearby Angel God and humans who accused before the divine court after spying (maybe that’s why a bad reputation he earned at the Hebrew tribal people). In the book of Job, Satan is the one that tests the man and question God himself on the fidelity of one of his men in a macabre game of the creator where he sends endless incidents to test the faith of the poor Job. Later, Satan came to have an independent existence of heaven and God to be the lord of evil in the New Testament, unifying thus as the lord of all the chaotic and contrary to God’s goodness. At this point Satan becomes a figure that collects all the properties of the other devils and antagonists characters of the Bible, as the serpent, Leviathan, Mastemot, Belial, Behemoth, etc, etc, etc. What strengthens the figure of human repression by part of the righteousness.

This association of the “devil” with the figures of individuality, rebellion and opposite values to the submission produced by a dubious translation taken literally served to the conviction of the other pantheons in favor of the only truth given by Christianity, its paradigm, dogma and only God. Lucifer himself is an example of this, being in turn the Latin title of divinity associated with the Light of Dawn, brother of Vesper, the evening light once again the balance representing the planet Venus. Etymologically, Lucifer means Light Bearer. These deities also have their origin in the Greek Eosphorus (Bringer of Dawn) and Hesperus (Bringer of the dusk). Lucifer later became directly identified as the representative planet of love and war, Venus. It is from part of the Greco-Roman world from which we derive endless figures and modern meanings through language, and from which many prefer to identify the model of Lucifer. Among its vast mythology we find a figure symbolizing the aforementioned principles, the epitome of what we have for Lucifer to this day, a figure that exalts transcultural human virtues rather than an external alleged; the symbol of the rebel who puts the spark of divinity in man. A similar figure is the Titan Prometheus, part of the primeval gods of the Olympic order, primitive energies that originates all. Prometheus, in the version of Aeschylus, is the benchmark for the independence of the divine order by giving the flame of consciousness to man. The Titan stole fire from the gods to give to humans, a metaphor of knowledge against the darkness of ignorance to the gods undergoing human and evolution from ape to man. This meant the punishment of Prometheus being chained on the rocks for an eagle or vulture devours his liver which grew daily.

We can find similar figures of this archetype that offer knowledge to man, from the same Judeo-Christianity with the serpent of Eden and the rebellious angels or Watchers, who granted humans the arts of building weapons, chemistry and many more sciences. The Gnostic Abraxas and his balance and power of being inside. Quetzalcoatl in Mexico teaches man knowledge and management of sacred plants. Egyptian Set, the Attar Canaanite, the Melek Taus of the Yezidis, the Norse Loki and endless figures around the world more can be equated to the same principles embodied by Lucifer, which does not mean that it happened something like that literally long ago, but they are myths that reflect our interior, our past as a human race and the forces that move within us and we all share; we can all become a Lucifer if embody the best of us directed towards overcoming and evolution.

Of course Lucifer is bad for the interests of the slaveholders; unwillingly, the same parents created the most representative figure of the human rebellion against oppression, the individual, the power and the forbidden knowledge. One that got out of hand and awake now, stronger than ever to take its proper place in the evolution of man to greater heights. The biggest secret from Lucifer is that this does not exist as a real objective entity, as some of you or me. This is not a conscious being, but the sum of everything that makes us human awake who embrace their potential, and evolution and balance in humanity through his will; creation and destruction, light and dark.

“The evolution of man is the evolution of his consciousness, and ‘consciousness’ cannot evolve unconsciously. The evolution of man is the evolution of his will, and ‘will’ cannot evolve involuntarily. The evolution of man is the evolution of his power of doing, and ‘doing’ cannot be the result of things which ‘happen’.”, wrote George I. Gurdjieff.

And in Magick in Theory and Practice, the Master Therion says, ‘The Devil’ is, historically, the God of any people that one personally dislikes. This has led to so much confusion of thought that THE BEAST 666 has preferred to let names stand as they are, and to proclaim simply that AIWAZ — the solar-phallic-hermetic ‘Lucifer’ is His own Holy Guardian Angel, and ‘The Devil’ SATAN or HADIT of our particular unit of the Starry Universe. This serpent, SATAN, is not the enemy of Man, but He who made Gods of our race, knowing Good and Evil; He bade ‘Know Thyself!’ and taught Initiation.

Throughout the centuries, intellectuals and artists alike have taken this figure as lighting, dissidence and questioning of society and religion; where we take the symbolism of their origin, the same as always understood philosophers and occultists alike.

This spirit of questioning, rebellion and discomfort with the herd is nothing new, being an important part of a conscious being.

The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe. If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened. But no price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself. Tells us the immortal philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche.

For all the above, Lucifer is the archetype of the light of knowledge and power, knowledge that allows us to free ourselves from the chains within ourselves and re-evaluate our outward in search of truth. Lucifer, as we understand it today, is a syncretic and comprehensive akin to Left Hand Path figure, because his path also involves personal deification with antinomianism, besides the human preponderance of reason. Lucifer is not a thinking being objective and literal, but the union of principles and deified human characteristics together under a single name.

While each one will have their own idea and understanding of Lucifer, as this is the individual, the same structure will always be present in its definition. One of the considerations to keep in mind is not to fall into the trap of believe in literal gods; although we can believe in the existence of a conscious principle (apart from being purely materialistic), this does not have to be a reflection of what Christianity proposes as what is divinity. I usually put the example of the god of cows to illustrate this. What and how would the god of these if they have a God? With cow horns, tail, snout and even hoof cattle colors? Would it say “moo” and its offering would be green grass from the best quality? The point of this is that we think as humans, and hence our gods have those characteristics to exaggeration, and what we need and seek in need and shelter. The active spirituality to which I refer -the magick if one prefers, tries to unravel the mysteries of the universe, simplistic ideas as well must be banished for a better understanding from the complexity of the cosmos, as well as the submission and worship. The fact that there are literal god, does not mean that there is no spiritual; magic and which is termed as “supernatural”. Again, it is not extreme, but the recognition of the diversity of the chromatic palette that is the universe.

We can detach from the talk, the following principles attributed to the modern figure from Lucifer identified within the Greater Church of Lucifer.

  • Lucifer represents the Power; the innate thirst of our being for more; progress towards new heights, overcoming obstacles, the rise in work or acquiring physical power by exercising or knowledge through intellectual study. Rebellion, to rise above the other stars and their mythological representations. Atavistically, deep in our subconscious and our genes, is this in mind, because all organism struggle to live and evolve. Lucifer is the representation of continuous improvement and evolution of man, a new state towards its divinity.
  • Lucifer represents Wisdom; which is obtained through knowledge put into practice, the analysis and the judgment through reason. We are not satisfied with the dead acquisition of information, we seek to validate or tear down the lies through our own capacity for discernment and logic.
  • Lucifer represents the Balance; day and night, black and white, positive and negative, male and female, in a single archetype that brings together both Shiva and Shakti, Samael and Lilith, Sun and Moon, no conflict between them, but a unit that encompasses everything .
  • Lucifer represents the Force; in character and inner self in the pursuit of truth and the difficulties of a chaotic world that can drag us and lead us astray if not having the feets firmly on the ground. Besides being a natural shield to the lies and projections from the outside, it needs internal stability to withstand the weight of the stress generated by the process of individuation, as well as defamation of ignorance of the masses. This is achieved through the exercise of all kinds and continuous tests to which the practitioner submits.

The Luciferianism is, therefore, the ideology of personal identification with the symbolism and archetype of Lucifer in the active pursuit of knowledge for internal and external development and its application resulting in Apotheosis, the becoming one his God himself. To do this, the practitioner focuses on the principles of Power, Balance, Wisdom and Strength that surround the image of the bearer of Light or Knowledge. Being from a versatile and active character this can take various forms depending on the individual.

The origin of this approach to the world and life can go back to the beginning of man, and its highest representation embodied in their own symbols and concepts of their characteristics understood and attributed by us humans. Lucifer, transcends nations and its people and we find it not only in the processes of nature, creation and destruction, but in the ancient myths of the rebellion of Apsu and Tiamat, which were formed of men; and at a later legend in Akkadian, from Geshtu-e, the rebel god of intelligence who rebelled against the abuses from the elder gods above its class, and he was sacrificed as punishment for creating new workers, the humans, who rebelled in turn through Atrahasis, a wise leader and Promethean in contact with the gods. We have also the goddess of war and love, Inanna / Ishtar, the Mistress of Venus and sometimes taking the role of Queen of Hell. To Attar, the Rebel, in the lands of Levant who represented the pursuit of power to claim the throne of the gods long before the biblical myths. The Egyptian Set, the lord of darkness and fertile soils, necessary part on balance, demonized in later times. The Greek Prometheus, the Titans in their chthonic force, and the various gods of light like Helios and Apollo, besides brute force and uncontrolled Dionysus in connection with the animal; Hecatethe queen of Sorcery, also carries the title of Phosphorus, such as carrying the torch of knowledge. The biblical Satan, the serpent the Tree of Knowledge and the rebels Watchers are a classic example of this force, and condemned by their desire for independence. Both female as male, Lucifer and the Luciferianism are the hand that creates and the fist which destroys, the consciousness of self, evolution and the companion in human deification known for magicians and wise men from the ancient scribes, to the philosophers and Greek and Latin writers like Heraclitus and Ovid, from the Romantics Milton, Shelley and Blake, to the dissident thinkers like Machiavelli, Nietzsche, Bakunin, Twain and Rand, through the Rosicrucians and his mythological father, Tubal-Cain to Blavatsky, Crowley, Charles Pace and Anton LaVey. The Luciferianism is not the creation of a single man in a dogma that must be followed to the letter without questioning, but this is the innate part of us with an appropriate name that today is becoming stronger.

Luciferianism can be expanded as a philosophy (formulated in depth and as a lifestyle), a doctrine (keeping and transmitting the basic principles and spreading them), a system (a outlined structure of development or internal initiation) or a religion (understood as the encounter with your own divinity), where the central point is the individual towards his own divinity, because we believe that everything starts from within, from zero, rather than search answers to questions asked by other biased. You and only you are directly responsible of your own life and existence, the only God that it exists.


Stone and Fire- The Nature of Will

The post-modern human experience has been for some time dominated by political, commercial, and mass media intrusion. The mass of humanity is poised at any moment to capitulate to a myriad of well-poised conductors; waiting for the opportunity to command payment, belief, and your decisions. The Left Hand Path has never been so publicly explored as today with so many Initiatory Orders, self-published books, and Musicians using its ideas as a medium for expression. It is easy to see that many participate not even knowing that they are projecting their hang-ups and prejudices onto what is supposed to be a liberating experience.

Aleister Crowley, whom many owe a debt for his fearless confrontation of the Judeo-Christian ethic made quite the issue out of a person’s individual will.“ Do what thou will be the whole of the law”1 affected human consciousness for generations and contributed to the great change in human consciousness. Before you judge Crowley’s use of Gnostic Religious Themes in his endgame, let’s take a look at the will; it’s nature, and how it pertains to both the Occult and the Left Hand Path.

People are born into the world which shames and punishes those who are original, willful, and do not conform to the rules of the day. Even now in  modern times people are following  the new religion of political dogma and “correct thinking.” Every moment of our lives is bombarded with social justice and some sort of social responsibility. These things are meant to be respected by the individual, out of a desire to do so, not because we won’t be popular or up to date with the latest socially responsible fad. The hard-won individuality of our predecessors is in danger of being forgotten by well-intentioned people. Individuality and Liberty are fluid, incapable of being photocopied, and usually does not gain much attention until everyone wants a piece of its success.

“LIBERTY Leaps in the Heart of the Master; for every man and every woman is a star. Each follows, free and joyful, its own Will; for every Will alike has its essential function in the rhythm of the Heart of the Master. No star can stray from its self-chosen course: for in the infinite soul of space all ways are endless, all-embracing: perfect.” (Crowley, Heart of the Master)

So the big question is, what is the will? What is it’s nature, and how is it shaped to fulfill my desires? Does my will serve me? Does yours?

“The nihilistic consequence (the belief in valuelessness ) as the consequence of moral valuation: everything egoistic has come to disgust us (even though we realise the impossibility of the unegoistic) ; what is necessary has come to disgust us (even though we realize the impossibility of any liberal arbitrary or intelligible freedom”). We see that we cannot reach the sphere in which we have placed our values; but this does not by any means confer any value on that other sphere in which we live: on the contrary, we are weary because we have lost the main stimulus “In vain so far!” ( Neitzche, Will to Power)

So according to Nietzsche and Crowley. The will is sacred and necessary for fulfillment and individuality, abandoning the will is in essence a form of suicide. It is a connection to our starry origins. It is inherent, not to be controlled by anyone but ourselves. When it is ignored, it is an offense to intelligence. It makes us valuable and crowns our future with adventure and the possibility of our deeds becoming infinite. The will is also depicted by some as divine fire, The Black Flame. That which both separates us from the profane world of the sheep herder. The will is sacred fire, residing within anyone wishing to wake it up. It was forbidden in sometime past by rulers who wished to put fear into their subjects. Known by some as the “Khabs”4 or Immortal Flame of isolate intelligence. It is moldable, ignitable, and yours to manifest as you will.

The evidence of the will and its power is everywhere in one’s life. From our greatest successes to our greatest defeats. All one must do to catch a glimpse of they’re will in action is to assess the life you are experiencing. With the exception of bad luck and accidents, one can see the consequences of their will every day. It is our will that manifests on this earth. The will can know all extremes of the self. From the highest of our Luciferic aspirations to the beauty of our Abysmal desires in Malkuth. In short the will is an outward extension of the Cthonic and Angelic desires locked deep within the subconscious. The will is not the same as desire, which can carry fear with it. The will is emotionless, as cruel and cleansing as fire, and as cold and hard as stone. If you want it to be so.


Will to Power

Book of The Law

Heart of the Master






The Aquarian Mystic

Witchcraft has gone through many changes in the last 50 years. Occultists and enthusiasts have carved out many franchises by capitalizing on the time honored traditions which have been cultivated in the dark for so long. Not many Witches seem to retain the solitary skill of the Hearth that made their reputations legendary in the past. One such Witch is preserving the path by using her skills to keep those traditions alive. The Aquarian Mystic is owned and operated by Valerie Taylor in Aurora, Colorado. Valerie’s online shop is complete with all crafts handmade and which is impressive these days. Valerie also offers her skills as a tarot reader and clairvoyant to those in need of spiritual guidance. Valerie was kind enough to talk to me about her craft.

Q­: Tell me about your path as a Luciferian, what about the LHP has enhanced your skills as a

A­- I have never been a part of a ‘’pack’’ or have the ‘’herd’’ mentality. I knew when I was younger that in order to grow and become stronger, I would have to delve deep into the darkness to truly shine ever so brilliantly. I have pushed myself beyond my comfort zone to
allow myself to expand and gain knowledge along with experience too. I have always believed in balance and being responsible for decisions and the consequences that arise from them. Being Luciferian isn’t for the weak and as such I have never viewed myself in this way. LHP is
the true path to enlightenment. The path of self deification which seeks Godhood. LHP stand in their own divine rights, in their own individuality as a God/Goddess. I as a Luciferian question everything and will not accept blind beliefs. To put it bluntly, some will get it and others never will. That is the defining line of those who are clayborn and those born of the infernal black flame. As an occultist I take what I know and apply it every day. I feel I live a happy, healthy and abundant life and will never stop learning and growing. I do believe living freely this way does enhance my skills.

Q-­ How long have you known you are a witch and please tell me about what inspired you to use this aspect of yourself for a career?

A­- I can honestly say since I was born, in this life, and the many past lives I have had as well.. I actually remember being inside my mother’s womb, in this life. I was born as a very intuitive and empathic child. My natural abilities since early childhood have been clairvoyant (see), clairaudient (hear), clairsentient (feel), and clairscent (smell). Working with natural herbs and crystals is such a passion of mine that I decided why not make a career of what I love to do. I believe when you are productive and actually do what makes you happy things in your life run smoothly and most effectively. I also offer remote crystal healing for people and animals, tarot readings too. I have worked with tarot for over a decade. My readings are straightforward I don’t sugar coat or hesitate about any spiritual information that is delivered during a reading. As a witch, I highly respect the spiritual world while working in balance with light and dark.

Q-­ Do you feel that handmade ritual tools offer something more than what one might find through mass production?

A­- First, I must say thank you for a wonderful question! I truly and wholeheartedly believe handmade will always be more potent in all aspects. Like being able to ‘charge’ ritual tools and place energies into specific things that I make. With mass production you lose the personalization and special qualities that you definitely get with handmade. With all the crafts I create, each piece of jewelry or incense is unique in its own way. You won’t find two of the same items in my shop which I think sets me apart from others. I personally prefer to support small businesses instead of making big corporations richer. Everyone knows or should know, with mass production all they do is make cheap products with very high prices. I on the other hand I create high quality products with very affordable prices.

Q­ -What can you say to those who are discovering their desire to pursue witchcraft?

A­ -Always keep an open mind, look to expand your knowledge by reading or meeting with others who have had experiences, and be who you truly feel you are meant to be. In other words, shine bright and don’t let others affect you and remember to always take responsibility for your own actions.

Q-­ Your most useful spell, ritual, or practice as a witch?

A­- I’m certain every witch has their own ways of doing things. What I do may not resonate with someone else and that’s perfectly fine. One practice that I enjoy are using mantras or chants, which I find are very refreshing and enlightening. They can be for money, luck, a job, I mean the possibilities are endless. I say just be creative and again go with your instincts. When it comes to spells and rituals, always trust your intuition regarding what Magickal tools to use. One should always remember that for a spell to have full effect you must have the intention and energy behind it. Also, I’d like to say that you don’t have to always have fancy ritual tools and such to have a powerful altar. I feel that some get lost in all of that. For instance, some might have a fancy crystal pendulum while someone else can simply use a needle and thread and still have the same effect. Just do what feels right to you.

Q-­ How can others find your website(s)?

A­- Below I have listed the sites I am on until the day I have my storefront:

Online shop:http://www.theaquarianmystic.artfire.com
http://Instagram: @theaquarianmystic



By Ryan Norris

Human travelers pushing through the mountain passages,
A sudden force of southern wind with the voice of Anu,
“Behold the first of seven the winds of southern spheres”,
Like frightened herding cattle these human parasites,
Then the south wind crashed down to Ki to raise his brethren,

Sunu Zikiku come to feast on the cattle herd,
By Anu’s voice and Ki’s womb they go forth,
They are coming like violent winds,
Gathering clouds to blacken the day,

A blasting wind like fire raises columns of fire,
Hot and wretched breath of dragon’s roaring mouth,
Anu’s thunder spoke with furious thunder,
“The second has come like Girra burning in the deep”,

Sebitti Maskim come to feed from the cattle herd,
By Anu’s voice and Ki’s womb riding forth,
They are coming like violent winds,
Shamash attacked and cast to darkness,
Screaming and frightened human calf is found,
Whirlwind blasting down from Anu,
“Look and fall to utter terror by the lion faced leopard”,

Gallu Limnu come to drink from the blood,
By Anu’s voice and Ki’s womb they come forth,
None could hold and none shall stop them,
Brothers of Lamashtu trampled down the prey,

Explosive was the force of the mountain,
Trying to escape the terrible serpent,
Ki’s womb crack wide open with it’s coming,
By Anu’s command, “Terrible Serpent bare your weapons”,

Utukku thinning the cattle herd,
By Anu’s voice and Ki’s womb they blast forth,
Storming spirits raging ones,
Erra’s assistants on the battlefields soaked in blood,

Howling wolf has come with grim winds and breath,
Growling in anger the demon takes his fill,
Anu’s proclamation pounded the air with force,
“Raging wolf of the wind shall reach the earth’s rim”,

MUL.MUL descended from the heavens,
By Anu’s and by the womb of Ki they’ve come,
Flashing lightening weapons of the powerful ones,
Heralds of Pestilence and throne-bearers of the Gods,

The human king stood defiantly in defense of his herd,
“Great Anu be still our father of the high places,
Mother Ki who brought us up from clay and Marduk’s spill,
Call back the Maskim that we shall be spared”,

Anu’s voice was booming in the anger at the plea,
“By my will do the seven take your herd from my beloved,”
The giants rose from forest floors with rebellion in their eyes,
They bow to none with Anu’s love to spare none above or below,

Children of Anu have come to the herd of wanderers,
By Ki’s womb and the voice of Anu they rode forth,
Force of chaos that rose before the face of Sin,
Ravens of death shall blot out the light,

The fatal wind has come with power in full,
Laying low the living things of the world,
Filled with venom by the hand of Anu,
Seven spirits arose, seven evil brothers,

Devouring Maskim Hul have cleansed the weak,
Seven storms have taken to the sky,
By the heavens they’re conjured!
By Earth they’re conjured!


Hekate: Psychopomp and Specter of the Night

The modern world of Luciferian Archetypes has often reflected the diverse and multifaceted nature of the Adepts who use them. The harmonious poetry- sorcerously sung from the depths of the abyss often holds surprising and intriguing secrets. One often misunderstood facet of Luciferian Gnosis is the inclusion of the dark feminine. Similar to the inclusion of Babylon in Aleister Crowley’s system of Thelema, Luciferians understand the importance of the Demonic Feminine as they create “Infernal Union” (Ford) within the hidden aspects of the psyche. Hekate is by far one of the most versatile and effective LHP Goddesses, which holds more secrets than meets the eye.

Hekate, the patron of those who fight for survival and mastery over the Earth, was a Titan, who Zeus needed on his side to defeat Cronos and the Gods of the old generation. It seems that the Cthonic champions of ancient Greece knew they could not win without the mother of Witchcraft and Magic on their side. According to many scholars (Ford), Hekate served as an intermediary between humans and the gods, Titans and Gods/Goddesses, and the inhabitants of Hades. The dead could be contacted or conjured through her. Reading through her list of attributes and privileges afforded by her standing with Zeus (Clay) it seems that she truly is the patron of Witches and those who carve their own fate. Thought to be the ultimate intermediary, Hekate stood watch at places of change and transition. One may be bound by birth to disadvantage, or limited by bad luck, misfortune, or disappointing occurrences; but possibly not if you entreat Hekate. It is evident that one could increase their chances of success by invoking her.

Hekate was honored by those who built shrines at crossroads. She is considered the Goddess of necromancy and a traveler between the heavens, earth, and the underworld. Hekate traveled to Hades often and served as an intermediary for the dead. Heaven and earth could be on the verge of destruction, but, Hekate could intervene. Considered a night specter, Hekate ruled the pathways for demonic and phantasmal manifestations. The underworld was her vehicle of power. Some sacrificed Dogs to her and she was often depicted as having one or more hounds at her feet. Her cults often performed their rituals in caves, which symbolize the chthonic nature she represents. The howling of dogs could announce her presence, especially at crossroads, graveyards, and at places where the shedding of blood had occurred. (Hesiod) Hekate, similar to Lilith and possibly connected to Inanna, shared many traits of the now mostly forgotten cults of the Dark Goddess. Known to rule over the ghostly and demonic at night; Hekate could not only protect you from night terrors, she could conjure them as well. As with most forgotten philosophies from pre-christian history, the spoils went to the noble and brave, those who chose weakness stood to gain nothing.

Kenneth Grant writes of nightside travel and consorting with otherworldly entities in Hecate’s Fountain which utilizes her reputation and legacy as a psychopomp to illustrate the traditional flight of the witches Sabbat or entry into “The Mauve Zone.” (Grant) Though the lost tradition of astral flight is not historically connected with the cults of Hekate or Dianna, it is well known that Oracles regularly sought visions, dreams, or heightened experiences by which the witch served as an Oracle like Hekate. Thus, we see a Luciferian trait displayed in the folklore of witchcraft, where magic is no more than learning to be like Hekate; one who can speak to the dead, manifest the face and traits of animals, and effect success. The nightside of the tree of Daath, is explored through the goddess of crossroads, Hekate.

Hekate, mother of the fates, conjurer of hellish monsters, and Oracle for the dead. Is it no wonder that just about any culture who retained shamanic practices was associated with “The devil? It seems that perusal of any monotheistic literature from the last few thousand years will reveal that humans who thought themselves able to deal with their own problems were systematically labeled as heretics or witches. According to the Secretum Secretorum, an alchemical fiction, which hints at traits of Hekate through fanciful tales, she held the attributes that one would describe as similar to The Black Flame.

“To the Christian Gnostics, who believed that magic had been brought to earth by fallen angels, Hekate represents one of the five Archons appointed to rule over the 360 demons of the “Middle,” the aerial place below the zodiacal sphere or the circle of the sun, which fixes the Heimarmene. She has three faces and twenty-seven demons under her command. She occupies the third level in the hierarchy of the “Middle,” between two female demons, long-haired Paraplex and Ariouth the Ethiopian, and two male demons, Typhon and Iachtanabas (Pisitis Sophia). During the same period, this secondary figure of Gnostic daemonology is also an omnipresent personage in the pantheon of magical papyruses, because of the range of meanings attributed to her emblems and because of the system of associations which link her to, and even identify her with, other gods and goddesses.” ((ancient), Hekate)

Curiously, the Gnostics used archons to illustrate rebellion against suppression of ancient wisdom and the legacy that Hekate brings to the atavistic nature of her effect on the psyche. Though not depicted in Abrahamic texts, she is associated with the rebels who sought an end to the tyrannical rule of the Demiurge. She was painted in prose, though her altars stand quietly in the lost songs of antiquity. The fire of self-consciousness, she burns brightly in the mind of the Luciferian Witch, the defiant, the resourceful, the cunning epiphany of self-deification.

“Her mouth exhales fire (puripnoa, IV, 2727); her six hands brandish torches (IV, 2119-2120). Hence, engraving her name with a bronze stylus on an ostracon (XXXVI, 189) or on a lead tablet (IV, 2956) will have the effect of a fire “burning” and “consuming” the beloved woman, so that she is deprived of sleep forever. Furthermore, the fire that inhabits Hekate, as the most subtle of the four elements, characterizes her keen intelligence and the extreme sharpness of her perception (puriboulos, IV, 2751). Her whole being radiates with the brilliance of the fire from the stars and from the ether. The Chaldaean Oracles made this Hekate “of the breasts that welcome storms, of resplendent brilliance” into an entity “descended from the Father,” associated with the “implacable thunderbolts” of the gods, with the “flower of fire,” and with the “powerful breath” of the paternal Intellect. Because she carries and transmits fire from above, she is the supreme goddess of vivification. The reason Hekate’s womb is so remarkably “fertile” (zoogonon) is that she is filled with the fire of paternal Intellect, the source of life or the strength of thought, which it is her duty to communicate and to disseminate.” ((ancient), Hekate)

Both Destroyer and Creator, life-giving consort of Hermes, Hekate represents the desperate desire for self-empowerment. Some have warned not to invoke this incredibly alluring Queen of graveyards, seduction, and venomous ability. That is just enough warning to inspire one to seek it in spite of the dogma which defiles her brilliance. Associations with Lilith, the Hebraic counterpart, are fascinating. It is fabled that the worshipers of Hekate refused to take a subservient posture during copulation just as in the myth of Lilith. Though not the same culture or historical connections. The parallels of a long forgotten matriarchal influence on sexual congress, magic, and role perception are interesting. Synchronized in terms of Magically interchangeable traits, Hekate and Lilith represent the re-animation of long forgotten consciousness which bring balance to the psyche.

lilith2 [146682]

By Noctifer 418

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Ordo Algol


The Order of Phosphorus welcomes a new Magister to the Ordo Algol, Akho Udinbak. Available to selected Initiates of TOPH, Ordo Algol will explore Sigilic Magick based on the influence of Austin Spare as well as Chaos Magick. The abyssal power of the Algolian current is only for those most dedicated Adepts who draw their power from the Abyss of Kaos.


Magister Udinbak expresses his vision through sigilic art and meditative journeys which inspire the Initiate to master known tomes of dark Magick and creation of one’s own archetypes and methods.

“The work of O.A. should be to make the transformation into a Dark God of Kaos. To become masters of Kaos, by our Will, Desire and Belief. We can create our own Kingdom of Shadows, our Palace in the Abyss.”- Magister Akho Udinbak



“Dh’Ghox roamed the four deserts, putting on the mask of the tribes that dwelt there; studying the magic of each tribe. Once he learned the magic of the tribe Dh’Ghox, he called out to the shadows of his tribe so that he may learn new magick that the tribes dare not learn. When he had learned all he could from that tribe and it’s Dh’Ghox, he took off his mask and laid siege to the tribe devouring all in his Black Flame.” – Magister Akho Udinbak

Originally inspired Dark Gnosis is the aim of Ordo Algol, those who wish to stay within the confines and safety of established praxis need not concern themselves with Ordo Algol. Serious Adepts need only consider the groundwork necessary to devour and ascend.

“The Algolian shall be initiated into the four world’s deserts and seas. One shall study the formal rituals until they understand them well enough to create new rituals and new Daemons to work with. In every section of the Algolian work, the goal is to create and evolve magickally.”-Magister Akho Udinbak

Magister Akho Udinbak makes exquisite use of the well-known methods of Spare and Carol in his new mythos. The Initiate is destined to master the known methods of the TOPH and create their own subjective universe by taking their path forward into the realm of personal creativity and Draconian Transformation.

Akho Udinbak, Magister Algolian, creater of of Sigil, Majik Art, and Sonick Sigil. The beat of his SonickSigil system can be found in the book “Dr. John Montanee: A Grimoire: The Path of a New Orleans Loa, Resurrection in Remembrance” by Dr. Louie Martinie. He can be found on Facebook, Twitter, and Soundcloud under the magical name Vovin Lonshin.


By Noctifer418


Q & A with Dawn of Ashes’ Kristof Bathory

2016 will be a great year for Industrial Black Metal/Extreme Metal fans. Dawn of Ashes releases their new album ‘ Theophany ‘ on May 20th, 2016. I recently asked Kristof Bathory, the band’s Lead Vocalist and Composer, a few questions about the band and the new album.

Q: What does the name Dawn of Ashes represent?

K. Bathory – Dawn of Ashes represents ‘Alpha and Omega’, the cycle of the Phoenix. The Beginning of the End, Life, Death, and Rebirth. Every Beginning ends and the end then creates a new beginning. This process is the power to rebuild through creation and destruction. This very ideology can be used in so many different ways. This new era that we live in has lost the ambition towards creating a better path for each individual, and our society has become dull and weak from losing touch within the strength of ourselves.

Q: What is the general theme of the new album?

K. Bathory – The definition of ‘ Theophany ‘ means the visible manifestation of a deity. In the Left Hand Path, the main goal is to bring the ‘self ‘ or the grand ‘I’ into God-form also known as self-deification. The process through this philosophy and through magick can bring the individual at the level of a God. The term theophany recognizes the reflection of the self and conjures this manifestation within.

Q: Tell me about your Luciferian influences. How you are inspired by these occult influences when writing music?

K. Bathory – I have been a student of occultism and the Left Hand Path for a few years now, reading many books on the path, it then guided me further into this path. I connected with Michael W. Ford who taught me further about Luciferianism. Soon after, the Greater Church of Lucifer (GCOL) took notice of my commitment and gave me the opportunity to become a mentor to the youth about the path. Even though I favor Luciferianism, I also commit my time towards other spiritual paths that are beneficial and have similarities to Luciferianism, which makes it limitless.

Let’s not forget that Kristof is not the only member of the band, a full ensemble of talented musicians make up these exceptional creators of industrial “Sonic Black Magick.” Their sound is representative of the creative and original expression that the LHP is known for. The drums, guitar, vocals, and base are masterfully blended to incite primal fury.

On 4/20/2016 Dawn of Ashes released the single Tribe of Chemosh , the first song from their new album Theophany which is due to be released on 5/20/2016. The new song effectively builds on the band’s previous mastery of industrial sounds and adds the driving power of Black Metal. The combination is a crescendo of a infernal perfect storm. The visual art which accompanies the music on the video for this song is a must see as well. If Theophany is anything like Tribe of Chemosh, Metal enthusiasts are sure to get their money’s worth if they are inclined to crack the barriers of mundane dimensions with thunder from the Abyss.


Album release available Here, and on Amazon.

Connect with Dawn of Ashes on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube.

Find Kristof Bathory on Facebook.

By Noctifer418


Diamonion- Journey into the Void

The bleeding Sun rises as I light the sacred flame, offering incantations of shadowed intent. Releasing all attachment to thoughts, emotions and obvious yearnings that dominate the hidden mind most days, the hallowed inspirations of abyssal cries of ecstasy flood my mouth. The release is only temporary, as the black light about to consume my existence invigorates all desire, and a baleful peace enshrouds the room. Exquisite Lust and fiery desire ignite as the strike of the blacksmith’s hammer inflames Taromati. The proceeding moments dissolve as time is encapsulated and forsaken. The serpents rise, ingratiating primal force and action, rising to the heart of this fleshly shell. By blood transmutes into venom; the gift of my great mother- terrifying eyes-noxious smoke billows from her nose as I am enraptured by unsatisfiable desire. Dehak and Domar now look East and West, announcing my intent to rule the horizons I stand within. My speech and sight are engaged as the serpents coil. Smoke, inspiring the adverse soul of change and dominion over their function rises as offerings to the unseen, the voices hiding in quiet places. The dark star of endless darkness is now as bright and hollow as the void comes into view. I have stepped into the ocean, a mass of raw energy. All perceptions and manifestations are formed here.

A sound reverberates from within, a familiar voice. Unnatural howls and echoes of its animal dialect rise to the surface. A stinging sensation develops in the center of my solar plexus. Something is digging its way out; with each breath, the sensation grows. Invigorated by the rising of the serpents I now chant a vibration foreign to my senses. The warm baptism of blood runs out of my chest as tendrils break free of the skin which imprisons them. The same effect crowns my shoulders as vipers, venomous and silent, they rise out of each shoulder. I’ve now become Zohak, the baron of the noonday, speaking forth. I am now my real self, tendrils reaching far into the dark, and no limits to where my reach can coil. I am awake, I am the rabid dog who waits the shadows. The snarling face of hunger and thirst, I am an electrifying terror, I am the supple comfort of the dark, the foreboding hum of nothing. The invisible bolt of black fire rises to my crown, and my face is re-arranged. The sound of growling and crying dogs is heard as my face divides into multiple wolves, the howling and crying shaking the very earth. Darkness now envelops my mind, in an infinity too vast to describe.


Noctifer 418


The Adversary and Balance between Chaos and Cosmos By Michael W. Ford

Initiation into the Adversarial Current and mastery of powers of chaos and cosmos are balanced by the Black Adept who may guide and transform energy to manifest in the physical world. The basic level of beginning upon this path begins with the philosophy of the 11 Luciferian Points of Power. Attaining a suitable level of mental control, self-discipline and the unity of Will, Desire and Belief begins an accumulation and direction of power which takes form in the realm of cosmos (the physical or carnal world) in short and long term goals. This momentum is strengthened by others who accept the vision that your words and actions suggest with consistency.

Basic Luciferianism is attaining short and long term goals which include seeking self-excellence in the continual process of what the Greater Church of Lucifer defines as Liberation, Illumination and Apotheosis. The Black Adept who accumulates power and mastery of Magick ascends into the more abstract and complicated advanced areas of Chaos (Acasual or Primordial Darkness) and Cosmos (Casual or Physical World) which require an instinctual understanding of how one commands and shapes the other.

To recognize the structure of the Chaos/Acasual and how this dark primordial force may be shaped and guided via energy to inspire insight and power, one might make a study of several Luciferian Tradition Grimoires. Such tomes as Drauga – Ahrimanian Yatuk Dinoih, Necrominon – Egyptian Sethanic Magick, Dragon of the Two Flames, Sekhem Apep – Typhonian Vampyre Magick, The Bible of the Adverary and Akhkharu – Vampyre Magick are among a few which are structured in layers of teachings and ciphers for one to master the Physical/Carnal/Casual Dimension and also the Primordial Darkness of Chaos/Acasual Dimension as well. This cannot be “taught” by logical, reasonable means and requires an instinctual connection with ones Psychopomp or Daemon. This spiritual concept is directly connected to imagination to command and shape powers of the Acasual to work through the self as a Nexion in the carnal/physical world.

The Adversary is described in Luciferianism as the stirrings of primal, raw power; this can be understood as chaos and darkness and it vital to the emergence of light. The Adversary exists beyond our perceptions of space and time, beyond the concepts of cohesion and sequence known as the casual/physical world. The Adversary as we acknowledge it in our casual world of matter identify it often as a Deific Mask; a specific representation of a type of manifestation of the Adversary which is related to both nature and the individual.

In the chaos of primal darkness there is constant-flux in which nameless forms emerge and collapse within it; outside of our perceptions of space and time order may be temporarily established and crystalized for which may exist in the mind. This Adversarial force is within us, outside of us and around and this is our origin. Consider the Enuma Elish myth of Tiamat and Marduk: from the primal waters of darkness Tiamat and her chaos-monsters exist within a constant shuffling of shape, form and then collapsing into an unconscious state of dream. Marduk championed the children of this chaos to command order and come into being in the physical world itself.

If you consider the myths of the Babylonians and Assyrians, Tiamat was only slain in the “shell”. Her existence in the watery chaos allowed her to manifest during the period of Naram-Sin of Akkad in myths of his conquests of the Gutians; Babylonian mystery rites reveal that Ishtar of Arbela is actually Tiamat in a specific form and power. This is what we can call a Deific Mask. The Adversary is a force of primordial darkness and blazing, godlike radiance who creates and destroys. The masks of the Adversary are many; Azazel, Lilith, Samael, Belial, Mastemoth, Typhon, Set, Amon-Ra, Hecate, Ahriman and Lucifer are just a few. Each represents a specific type of power within nature and the individual.

The aim of the Luciferian if he or she seeks initiation is to command and shape this power according to the Will. Remember, Order is temporary and nearly an illusion. The sequence and cohesion is guided and directed by the Luciferian and others who agree upon it. This illusion of Order will at some point collapse and return into the Chaos of Primal Darkness.

For the Luciferian who identifies with the symbol of Lucifer and the philosophy we manifest in life, this actualization of Will-Desire-Belief is often a great foundation of Balance. Some individuals remain in the center of this structure and seek to indulge in life to its fullest. For other Luciferians, the tools of Magick and going simultaneously inward, downward, upward and in all directions exploring and shaping the luminous Black Light of the spiritual rebel in time will shape a spirituality which co-exists with the carnal experience of this world.

Michael W. Ford is the founder and Magus of The Order of Phosphorus a worldwide magical order dedicated to Luciferian Magick as well as presiding Yatus of The Black Order of the Dragon, a magical guild dedicated to the teachings of astral and bio-medical energy vampyrism, dream control and sorcery with a foundation in logic and reason. He is one of the Archons of the Greater Church of Lucifer, as well as a Co-President and Member of the Board of Directors for the GCOL. Michael is the author of 23 books on Luciferianism, including The Bible of the Adversary and Wisdom of Eosphoros: The Luciferian Philosophy (with Jeremy Crow, Jacob No and Hope Marie.) His latest book is the Grand Grimoire of Infernal Pacts – Goetic Theurgy. Michael is a composer of dark ambient & ritualistic music, lecturer, student and researcher of Ancient Near Eastern Religions, Early Christianity and the history of occultism.

You may find Michael W. Ford books as well as left hand path ritual supplies at: https://www.luciferianapotheca.com

He may also be found on Twitter.


Adversarial Culture