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Shadowspeak- UnasNachtMordis III°

“The mist rose from the forest floor like a fire burning in the dark. Silence blanketed the twilight as a fierce and loathsome feeling penetrated his body. As he walked along the path, he began to sense eyes upon him. By the time he had reached the river, he had wasted too much time looking for what ever phantom was following him. There, across the river, a figure stood behind an Aspen Tree, darkly staring at him. He could hear it speaking to him in his mind, but couldn’t comprehend the message. His heart raced and thumped like a thunderstorm as he began to move along the path faster, not paying attention to where his feet were falling. He soon slipped on the muddy trail and fell flat on his face.

He looked up over the grassy riverbank to see the shadow person standing in the cedars, closer than ever now. A wave of  Déjà Vu overcame him, and his fear sent him into a panic. He suddenly remembered all of the nights he could see this figure, standing at the foot of his bed, singing silently to him, but he could not respond. This shadow had been in his dreams, watching him live, and whispered to him since childhood. Now, since his encounter with the strange symbol carved into the tree, the shadow was always there. What did it want? Why was it following him? Why did the fright he felt at its presence seem to be pleasurable? Who was this shadow?”




Igniting Azazel’s Torch By Feriluc II°

Lit torches are all that illuminate the stone tunnels below the manor. Ten hooded figure transgress through the cold pathways in procession. Masked and robed to ranks each one only focusing on following the other. Only the leader knew where to turn. Behind the tenth is found an eleventh. The eleventh figure, bound and blindfolded, was otherwise bare skin in the dank air. Where the leader and the first two figures walked with surety, each one there after walked with increasing fear respectively, save for the eleventh.
A great hall opens forth from gloom to architectural grandeur. With great archways encircling a centering of the great hall and bowls of fire casting dancing light all around. Into the archways each member of the procession takes to specific position with the leader in the dead center. Bells ring out in echoed choirs as the circle is cast and the robbed are aligned to the Will of the Gods. However, shadows begin to play at the eyes as the opening of the trial is declared.
The one who is bound is pulled forward into the circle by the chains that bind. The blindfold is removed and a malevolent glare is cast around the hall. Charges of blasphemy, sacred oaths broken, and defilement are read in the echoing chamber. All in favor of imprisonment within this dark area sing “Aye!” in unison as predetermined and the jealous leader awaits rebuttal from the guilty.
Within the skull of the bound defiance ignites the tinder of desire. A flash of monstrous forms rising from the deep place and clawing their way to life. The need to dominate these forms descends from the place on high in serene radiance. As the battle ensues a great blacken fire erupts from the war and engulfs all.
The Fire exposes all to the perception of the observer as the sound of chain links snapping echo in the deep. Burning with a terrible radiance a choice is made. The strong one as come. Burning its binding webs with the fires that illuminate from within the initiated stands in defiance. The bowls of fire are snuffed out by shadow one by one.
The sharp tongue of the rebel stabs at the congregation with a bellowing “Nay, I shall not be bound to your Will for I am the only God there is.” The impotent leader falls back and becomes prey as shadow robes the initiated and hungry shades project from the fabric of darkness seeking sustenance.
Terror fills the chamber as the robed in ranks fall to the strong one and his legion. The words of protection offer no comfort or mercy. The initiated burns as bright as the eclipsed sun ascends from the chamber to enter the world. Wielding powers of creation, the forces of destruction, and burning with the passion for life. The Daemon comes in temporal form in the temple of flesh and spirit. The initiate moves in cold isolation with legions to command and the clothing of the void. Into the dawn walks the isolate spirit bearing a light like no other. Reborn in the image of self-creation, the bound dies in the birth of the liberated. The liberated dies in the process of apotheosis into the free God of the Self.


Dark Mother-UnasNachtMordis III°

Ἑκατός – you who reach from behind the stars,

Your crossroads are seen by those who can speak the blood of the dead,

In the deep of the cave, you reach from behind the mask.

Your voice is that singing dread which chooses who shall be the victor, your face is three times the light of the moon.

I am that voice which reverberates from your seat of the crow’s name.

My spells are spoken as the shadow reverberates your song of the lost and wondering face.

You arise in the noontide hour and your radiance is the light of my desire.


The Halls of The Titan

As I enter the hidden tunnel, beyond the reach of Shining Mother of Blood, I reach the corridor which connects the voice of the Wolven house to the starlit chasm, deep and wide with the wailing of lost desire. The ground begins to shake as the titan moves beneath my feet. Four, Sixteen and eight are the names of its children repeated and repeated in a deafening chorus of mind numbing song. Just as my brain is about to explode from the unimaginable pressure imposed by this cacophony of song, the titanic voice begins to speak in unison with my own.


“I am the voice of a thousand vipers rising from the nest to speak my will until it is done, finished and written on the halls of the neither neither. Nevermore separate from my child, born beyond the veil. I am one with the matter of dark words, and I revel in the succulent bleeding from that place of birth. I claw my way forth from the quiet womb of unawareness, and I become aware, I am the Leviathan beneath the waves, each drop in the Ocean I make is the power of light, birthed from the Heart of that titan, sleeping within the mountains of dissonant solitude.”


Choronzon and the Hunger of the Abyss by UnasNachtMordis III°

Choronzon and the Hunger of the Abyss by UnasNachtMordis III°


Choronzon, hailed by Crowley and other Enochian Magicians as the guardian of the abyss. Described as many to be the eater and defiler of the would-be magician who desires to reach divine levels of consciousness. The tester and refiner of sublime dreams of grandeur. My experience with Adversarial approach has taught me to view the most terrifying and abject obstacles to daemonic communication to be initiators and refiners of will and perception. Put simply, the subconscious and the robotic conditioning of one’s upbringing and assumed realities is the adepts true and deepest enemy. Though taboos be broken and limitations pushed, one still has the embedded fears of failure, true realization of false perceptions, and mundane programming to confront, defeat, and devour if they wish to awaken as the Morning Star with potentiality added to the Anja Chakra. This for me is the vision and voice of the Daemonic will that is drowning in postmodern illusions.

The Goddesses and Queens of the night provide the perfect setting for testing the hidden perceptions which blind one’s knowledge the hidden God, the harbinger of our personal dawning. Within the inner sanctum of subconscious eternity, Corazon awaits the Adept, with desire to devour and drain the very life force from the self-proclaimed magickian, or to give venomous fire and knowledge of the Black Flame via ones awakening to the Choronzonic nature within. The aim of all invocation is the awakening of said energies and discoveries within the self.

This meditation is designed to utilize the transformative death visualizations practiced by Eastern traditions known as Chöd, or “to cut”, this type of meditation is practiced by those who visualize their bodies being eaten and devoured by Kali. It is viewed as a self-sacrifice for the mother of Death (with many other Buddhist implications) I, however will use this approach to not only disintegrate the fear of death, but to copulate and conjoin with Choronzon as Quain did in Mesopotamian folklore with Tiamat. Often, the energies and power of said masks are devoured and absorbed in an exchange of bloodletting symbiology. The following treatise is inspired from such workings


“I am absorbed into thy bosom of death and life giving venom. I have drunk of your burning blood and defiled my illusions as your soulmate my mother, my lover, and I am one with your hunger. My failings have been eaten and my blood flows freely in this cocoon of rapturous transformation. Today I am entombed in your silken womb, tomorrow I awaken the transformed, the eaten, the son of the devourer. I drink deep now of the poison, take and eat them as I croon in pleasure from the mutual suffering which births the dawning of the light”



UnasNachtMordis III°


Dualkarnian Siyah Chal on Advesarial Will

“The Adversary does not rail against specific principles or personalities. The Black Initiate notes the adverse discomfort which is heralded as Desire. It does not champion a particular power over another: it is the constant lust to identify boundaries, reject and recast them in the image of imagination.

Will may be viewed as Archonic Gnosis acting upon Desire. Will the basis of Movement. Initiates are urged to tactically steer all such movement towards Bohu, Endless Darkness. Such darkness is pregnant with possibility.

Awake unto possibilities as if a pantheist – self-godhood supposes the you, as Initiate, enter into interdiction with all things.

Engage in proactive devotion as if an empirical theist: suspension of doubt yields greatest number of possibilities in defeating self-cast boundaries.

Govern oneself as if atheist: practical results are the measurement of initiation. Success is the judge of technique.”



Noctifer: The Shadow of the Adept By Feriluc °II

Noctifer: The Shadow of the Adept
By Feriluc °II

There is a shadow within all. Crawling, stalking, hunting just beyond the light of conscious perception it is ever present and always hungry. Various Deific Masks have embodied different aspects of this shadow through time and over a myriad of historical cultures since the dawn of civilization. For myself, the journey towards a gnosis with the shadow has been the most difficult part of my initiation.
When I first began this journey, I was a neophyte to Luciferianism and magick in general. My idea of the shadow was one hidden in the obscurity of a mind that was not yet aware of itself in whole. Like a lion hunkered down in the savannah grass invisible to the herd it stalked, it almost seemed to have a mind of its own yet synchronized with the higher aspects of my mind. I once thought, foolishly at that, that I was in tune with the shadow. But as I have learned over the course of the past year my original idea of the shadow side was flawed and shallow.
Lust, hunger, thirst, war; these where always there but never understood. They are the makeup of the shadow. Instinctual impulses that influenced my every thought, word and action from behind the scenes. I made progress in life but only so far. My magick, although successful in the material realm, was near absent from the spiritual realm. I was not united within.
Eventually, my shadow pounced and took its fill. I lost the progress I made and experienced a fall from the pinnacle of material and social success. During this time of hardship I stopped all practice of magick and application of the Luciferian philosophy for about a year. I doubted myself, my strength and even the stability of my own mind and spirit. To add to my hardship, I tried to continue to live as if nothing had changed at all. I lied to myself for the sake of comfort and familiarity. I paid a price for denying the deeper parts of my shadow.
But then something happened to change things. Something woke me up and I began to realize what I was doing wrong. I picked up the books and re-read them again. To my surprise I could relate to them better. What was once an obscure magickal system of mystery now became a mirror of myself as a whole person. I began to apply magickal practices at a much more potent level with this knowledge and understanding. So, I applied what I understood and contemplated that which I did not understand. The shadow began to stir again. But this time I saw it more clearly than before. I was able to control the shadow at last.
What I have learned is that the shadow cannot be influenced solely by the waking mind for it does not function the same way. The shadow functions on pure impulse and instinct. Although it can be guided by the calculating mind it cannot be understood in the same fashion. It is my perception that one must draw it out as one would draw a beast from hiding. One must become Satan as the tempter in this manner.
Do not deny the shadow on any level. Balance the knowledge of the light with that of the shadow in equal measure. For when the two are finally united then shall the Black Flame be conceived in whole and at full power.


Merkavah Meditation in the Left Hand Path by Archibaalus IIIº

Merkavah Meditation in the Left Hand Path

The first time I acquired a book on Kabbalah I purchased one that was much different than the usual fare. I purchased Meditation and Kabbalah by Aryeh Kaplan, and it helped ensure I took a differing path than the standard seeker of such lore. Such was the book based on direct inspection and insight from a very traditionalist place, and the writer was telling a story different than the rest of the writers on the subject. Often, we are embedded in the post 777/Sepher Sephiroth writings, often filtered down from several students who all end up in the 1890’s London occult scene. This in not bad but it is popular and thus, easy to forget the breadth of other insights and techniques. Much as Chaos magic has been sold as a new way, and yet has become a retelling of the same four or five techniques which were already existent but differently named such as sigils, HGA type workings, Pop Culture Golden Dawn stylings and so on, the techniques of “Qabalah”, have been rendered into a paste for easy dispensing. The book shelves of stores are filled with the same book written over and over, all about basic color use, Golden Bough retellings, archetypes and the forms of Dion Fortune who informs the Neo-pagan do-gooder how to avoid using power and how to suck up to deities and spirits.
My intention here is to educate the neophyte and enrich the adept in such matters.

What is Merkavah? It is thought to be a reference to the Chariot angels of Ezekiel. It is said even in older times that letting a child read this book of the Bible was dangerous due to the chance they would become enflamed by the powerful spiritual content. However, as a serious person and Left Hand Path initiator, I do not mean to praise either such superstitious talk nor the so called “Good Book”. I seek rather to find and dig out the jewels of wisdom hidden in the reflection of our ways.
One important concept is “Heavenly Ascension” a meditation not unlike the Egyptian Book of the Dead where a mystic travels the heavens in a kind of angelic academy, answering riddles and imagining keys that open doors. Mistakes are rewarded with thousands of deaths, angels who hurl axes and the like. One is said to be able there to speak with the ancient masters, consort with the highest Archangels, and derive spiritual power from the nearness to the Empyrean Throne. It is said one may meditate via several methods, some of which are not useful to such as us but some they are a mirror image of wisdom. It is also said that weak or unworthy aspirants explode or die due to getting the angel of deaths attention or being unable to handle a direct manifestation of the godhead. For example, when one meditates on a subject, often in these texts the YHVH name in letter form, one imagines black fire letters on a white space. Easily it can be changed to an UNHOLY use of the same Hebrew letters to imagine them in White Luciferian fire against a black flame universe of the self. Understanding of the Microcosm is expected from an adept of the Left Hand Path and the inversion of the universe is poetically put to good use in this fashion. One can take any word or concept and if you have the skill, turn it into Hebrew letters. Now I would comment briefly here this is not due to the quality the universe brings to this alphabet, it is not any more holy innately than any other language, but the care that has been put to its mystic use can be exercised by anyone at any time.

What letters and to what purpose? The names of Demons and Dark Gods is a good start. When traversing the path of initiation one often is asked to meditate on such things as god-forms and Demon princes of the Qlipoth, thusly one may spell out the name of such a creature mentally during meditation in the style of Asana. During such visions the basics kills of the initiate are put to use and rather than recipes for one kind of spell, one often encounters gnosis, unspeakable truths and feelings. One of even the weakest imagination will provide burning letters that twist into demons and speak silent secrets to them, at some point any ritual is merely a tool to get to this place, and it can be accessed at any time.

During a recent near death issue with a beloved comrade I put my magical skills to use in an attempt to prolong his existence using these kind of Diabolic Kabbalah techniques. I have healed before in person although my tastes have always been more inclined not to as I hate he whole hippy light healer archetype and incumbent hokum, and I only even tried to heal after seeking medical care, but using techniques of sharing my astral light with my dear pet who was on deaths door seemed to help. I have used this a few times on others when I felt like it, however I do not waste my life force willy nilly. However, my boon companion was far out my reach and I needed a new technique.

In this case, I did this. Based off what I had learned of the Merkavah, I meditated on the heavens filled with cherubs and light and harps and all that rotten stuff, which despite my leanings and tendencies still has a gothic charm to it, the home “Biblical Lucifer” would have been cast out of. I imagined the gates, the axe wielding angels, the clouds, the Emerald Throne of the Enemy itself, the Christian god as depicted by heretical artists who made graven images often under threat. I floated before it in my astral form. I recall being told at beat one could get to ADONAI a lower form of the foe, and in such form, it took the shape of a great Iron face on fire, so I attacked it. I tore out its eyes, and carried them to the astral form of my dear compatriot! He is doing better, my friend not ADONAI, and I hope I helped. Indeed, I wanted to share this experience and my journey into deeper secrets and advanced workings. Thank you for allowing me to share.

Archibaalus IIIº


Spirituality and Religion: How Luciferianism Can Bridge the Divide by Bael’ial Feriluc II°

Spirituality and Religion:

How Luciferianism Can Bridge the Divide

By Ryan Norris


There is a prevailing collective belief that if one is religious, then one must be spiritual. It is also a belief that for one to be spiritual, then one must be religious. In my experience, these points can be very false. There is a dividing line in between religion and spirituality. This divide is a thin one, but for me, it is present in both right-hand path and left-hand path practices.

The first point to make is that one can be religious without having any spirituality being practiced. The atheist can be religious in how they “religiously” seek out rational thought patterns which guide their thinking. To go further, all people have things they “religiously” do. Daily routines, superstitions, habitual actions or reactions, and so on can be seen as being performed religiously. Think of the athlete who wears a “lucky pair of underwear” to every game they play believing that it will have some sort of sway over winning the game. Is this not religious in action?

Likewise, one who believes in the spiritual realm does not necessarily always have religious practices involved with this view. This can be attributed to an observing Christian. They believe in a “soul” which they associate with spirituality, but they may not actual go to church or pray ever. They simply hold a spiritual view based on what others have told them.

This divide is useful to the Neophyte Luciferian in that it allows for a step by step study of Luciferian ideology and philosophy as well as gaining consistent application in daily life. A brief example of a pragmatic example of this point is as follows:

Luciferianism is at its core a philosophy first. Philosophy being, of course, an ancient Greek word which means Love of Wisdom (Philo and Sophia). One starts by studying the philosophy and thinking on how it can be applied in as simple a way as possible.

After the individual has consistently applied the Luciferian philosophy to their own daily thoughts, the philosophy transforms into a religious practice. Habitually changing thoughts like “I have to go to work” into “It is my will to go to work” is a simple example of this.

Once this becomes second nature and philosophy transforms into religious practice then does the potential for spiritual development become a tangible concept. Applying the spiritual practices which are included in the Luciferian pantheon expands on the religious and philosophical aspects of the ideology.

Each of these points builds on the previous empowering the Neophyte to create and dictate their own philosophy, religion, and spirituality. This, in my personal view, is a true embodiment of the individualism inherent in Luciferianism. This also adds to the rebellious nature of the philosophy to destroy old and outdated thought patterns created by the tyranny of right-hand path religions and ideologies.

So, this essay started with examining the divide between modern spirituality and religion. Then an example was given of how Luciferianism can destroy the divide and bring a complete practice of self-deification through the tedious transformation of the philosophy into a spirituality via a religious application. This creates something unique to each initiate in question.

On a final note, the inspiration of this essay was induced by the first point of Luciferian power, “Lucifer represents the light of intellect, wisdom, and power unique to each individual with the courage to ascend to this responsibility”.

Hail Thy Self!


Fall of the Wise By Unas Nacht Mordis II°

“The Imagination learns that the idea is it’s compulsion. To explain the “why” of belief ( or anything else) we must transcend this schism.” A.O. Spare

Often, there is a tendency to relate ascension as it pertains to the Left-Hand Path with ” the fall” of Satan or Lucifer. On the contrary, many recorded myths that relate to Adversarial ascent display a defiant willed exit from confining and unuseful dogma and control. Inertia thereby created by spiritual rebellion which seems to leave the new aspirant seeking for definitions for that which seems cold, lonely and isolate. The void of the mind and Sabbatic desire for psychosexual liberation is confused with arcane and long refuted doctrines.

Luciferian Gnosis is for me a vehicle whereby the falsehood of the plastic and falsely generated personality, assumptions, and belief structures that obscure self-deification become obliterated. Thus, what is considered by Western civilization to be “the fall” is nothing of the sort. Desire becomes sacred in the bosom of the Black Adept who has traversed past this great self-deception of mortal sin and become aware of the real predatory hunger which drives the subconscious. Fear of the consequences of “the fall” is exactly what holds the sheep in mental prisons of stagnant yearning for life, their birthright, copulation with the spiritual liberators of mind. The Nephilim or great beings of renown are awakened inwardly as they have always been us, the wolves, the defiant, rebellious seekers of black Devine fire. The Witches Sabbat uncovers the reality of our seizure to commune with our whore mother, Lilith, and her luminous Consort, the Angel of Poison, Samael.
Madness is the blind faith of the dependant on communal obedience to robotic and dead moral laws which only increase the desire for forbidden lusts. The devout obeyer is the rotting corpse, food for the liberated and illuminated mind. All terrors and nightmares are the genuine desire for the seeker of passage into the void, the nexus of Dream liberation, for that plane is our origin of reptilian birth.

Plato described esoteric growth as the leaving of the ” cave ” of Cthonic ritual to find one’s own intelligence and potential. Which is for some only half of the story. Cthonic realms of the mind are where we find connection to the repressed and quieted Agel of Lawlessness, our hidden Serpent of Desire, the Daemon. The Luciferian willingly cuts away the illusions of the slave within and obliterates obligation to the latent chains for a better, fearless existence , birthed from the Union of the Primal Archons. Choia, the beast, the self-actualized Adept is born, alive to the desire for continual pleasure and existence, defiant mostly to the illusions which separate them from the netherworld of sabbatic bliss and copulation with otherness.