Chaos Released by Unas Nacht Mordis 

Chaos Released
I prepare my temple of Reptilian Invocation with the revered skins of killers and consumers of flesh. My heart races and excites the libido as I set my candles and incense to correspond with my desire to touch the exhilarating and possessing realm of the hidden ones. The sigils and symbols are ready, and the night is black as it is the new moon. I begin with the chanting of Barbarous tongues and enchantment of the mind begin my ritual I am lost and dissolved in that moment.
“âharmanyasnô ahmî âharmanyasnô dregvantem, hãm-raêthwa duzhdâ”
Chanting and releasing my connection to the mundane mind is stratified, I am out of my body now, and facing the void, chaos is detected sensed, as the fresh smell of lifeblood is pungent in the air. Fear overtakes me as my sense of self is lost and I am falling into abyssal chaos.
“”I awaken my voice from the void,
I am DUSHMATA- giving thought to the fire of my will.
I Am DUSHUKHTA- I empower my deeds to the ends of my success with my words.
I am DUSHVARSHTA- I think before I act with intent to conquer.
I am ANAGHRA TEMAH- the doorway to the void”
IO Eosphoros- I am the Dawn. bringing Endless Darkness”
My mind travels to every forbidden desire and lust which is hidden in the Darkness of that forsaken place. I am freed from the inhibitions to speak of the real words I want to say. I am empowered to commit the acts which empower my experience. I have aborted the King of Chaos and bring the creative force to fruition with my creation of destructive chaos as I George on his essence. Life is given through the union with my mother, the Dragon of Venomous creation. Overloaded with this death of illusions I peer directly into the womb of the mother, and travel to her bosom. I am strengthened by my transformation into the mask of Cain, I am her lover and son.


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