Choronzon and the Hunger of the Abyss by UnasNachtMordis III°

Choronzon and the Hunger of the Abyss by UnasNachtMordis III°


Choronzon, hailed by Crowley and other Enochian Magicians as the guardian of the abyss. Described as many to be the eater and defiler of the would-be magician who desires to reach divine levels of consciousness. The tester and refiner of sublime dreams of grandeur. My experience with Adversarial approach has taught me to view the most terrifying and abject obstacles to daemonic communication to be initiators and refiners of will and perception. Put simply, the subconscious and the robotic conditioning of one’s upbringing and assumed realities is the adepts true and deepest enemy. Though taboos be broken and limitations pushed, one still has the embedded fears of failure, true realization of false perceptions, and mundane programming to confront, defeat, and devour if they wish to awaken as the Morning Star with potentiality added to the Anja Chakra. This for me is the vision and voice of the Daemonic will that is drowning in postmodern illusions.

The Goddesses and Queens of the night provide the perfect setting for testing the hidden perceptions which blind one’s knowledge the hidden God, the harbinger of our personal dawning. Within the inner sanctum of subconscious eternity, Corazon awaits the Adept, with desire to devour and drain the very life force from the self-proclaimed magickian, or to give venomous fire and knowledge of the Black Flame via ones awakening to the Choronzonic nature within. The aim of all invocation is the awakening of said energies and discoveries within the self.

This meditation is designed to utilize the transformative death visualizations practiced by Eastern traditions known as Chöd, or “to cut”, this type of meditation is practiced by those who visualize their bodies being eaten and devoured by Kali. It is viewed as a self-sacrifice for the mother of Death (with many other Buddhist implications) I, however will use this approach to not only disintegrate the fear of death, but to copulate and conjoin with Choronzon as Quain did in Mesopotamian folklore with Tiamat. Often, the energies and power of said masks are devoured and absorbed in an exchange of bloodletting symbiology. The following treatise is inspired from such workings


“I am absorbed into thy bosom of death and life giving venom. I have drunk of your burning blood and defiled my illusions as your soulmate my mother, my lover, and I am one with your hunger. My failings have been eaten and my blood flows freely in this cocoon of rapturous transformation. Today I am entombed in your silken womb, tomorrow I awaken the transformed, the eaten, the son of the devourer. I drink deep now of the poison, take and eat them as I croon in pleasure from the mutual suffering which births the dawning of the light”



UnasNachtMordis III°


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