Dualkarnian Siyah Chal on Advesarial Will

“The Adversary does not rail against specific principles or personalities. The Black Initiate notes the adverse discomfort which is heralded as Desire. It does not champion a particular power over another: it is the constant lust to identify boundaries, reject and recast them in the image of imagination.

Will may be viewed as Archonic Gnosis acting upon Desire. Will the basis of Movement. Initiates are urged to tactically steer all such movement towards Bohu, Endless Darkness. Such darkness is pregnant with possibility.

Awake unto possibilities as if a pantheist – self-godhood supposes the you, as Initiate, enter into interdiction with all things.

Engage in proactive devotion as if an empirical theist: suspension of doubt yields greatest number of possibilities in defeating self-cast boundaries.

Govern oneself as if atheist: practical results are the measurement of initiation. Success is the judge of technique.”



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