Fall of the Wise By Unas Nacht Mordis II°

“The Imagination learns that the idea is it’s compulsion. To explain the “why” of belief ( or anything else) we must transcend this schism.” A.O. Spare

Often, there is a tendency to relate ascension as it pertains to the Left-Hand Path with ” the fall” of Satan or Lucifer. On the contrary, many recorded myths that relate to Adversarial ascent display a defiant willed exit from confining and unuseful dogma and control. Inertia thereby created by spiritual rebellion which seems to leave the new aspirant seeking for definitions for that which seems cold, lonely and isolate. The void of the mind and Sabbatic desire for psychosexual liberation is confused with arcane and long refuted doctrines.

Luciferian Gnosis is for me a vehicle whereby the falsehood of the plastic and falsely generated personality, assumptions, and belief structures that obscure self-deification become obliterated. Thus, what is considered by Western civilization to be “the fall” is nothing of the sort. Desire becomes sacred in the bosom of the Black Adept who has traversed past this great self-deception of mortal sin and become aware of the real predatory hunger which drives the subconscious. Fear of the consequences of “the fall” is exactly what holds the sheep in mental prisons of stagnant yearning for life, their birthright, copulation with the spiritual liberators of mind. The Nephilim or great beings of renown are awakened inwardly as they have always been us, the wolves, the defiant, rebellious seekers of black Devine fire. The Witches Sabbat uncovers the reality of our seizure to commune with our whore mother, Lilith, and her luminous Consort, the Angel of Poison, Samael.
Madness is the blind faith of the dependant on communal obedience to robotic and dead moral laws which only increase the desire for forbidden lusts. The devout obeyer is the rotting corpse, food for the liberated and illuminated mind. All terrors and nightmares are the genuine desire for the seeker of passage into the void, the nexus of Dream liberation, for that plane is our origin of reptilian birth.

Plato described esoteric growth as the leaving of the ” cave ” of Cthonic ritual to find one’s own intelligence and potential. Which is for some only half of the story. Cthonic realms of the mind are where we find connection to the repressed and quieted Agel of Lawlessness, our hidden Serpent of Desire, the Daemon. The Luciferian willingly cuts away the illusions of the slave within and obliterates obligation to the latent chains for a better, fearless existence , birthed from the Union of the Primal Archons. Choia, the beast, the self-actualized Adept is born, alive to the desire for continual pleasure and existence, defiant mostly to the illusions which separate them from the netherworld of sabbatic bliss and copulation with otherness.


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