Q: What is Luciferianism?

A: Lucifer is a title which may be translated from the vulgate as “Possessor of the Light.”

Christianity views Lucifer as nothing more than an analog of Satan and, in modern practical context, one does in fact exists at least in archetype. In this way the Lucifer title represents the ascent of mind, the descent from extradeistic unification. Satan, in contrast, represents the battle.

A Luciferian hails the heterodox Lucifer and emulates, not worships, this form. Were any worship to take place from the depths of a Luciferian’s heart, it would be self-worship.


Q: What is Adversarial Magick?

A progressive, system of initiatory magick which heralds the spirit of Lucifer through Adversarial forms, this decidedly-complex path is gradually becoming more accessible to each man and woman with an interest in Self-Deification.

Adversarial Magick is to be approached with authority and fervor.  Impurely dethrone the Crowned and Conquering Child; recycle its owner by pressing molten regalia and escaping the pederasty. Weigh the death of Horus upon the scales of Ma’at, Ptah returns to revel in his creation.  The scales of Ma’at are smashed. Long live the smashing of Ma’at.

Measure the crux: self-accountability, bold risk-taking and the culmination of uncommon insight.

Q: What is the Adversarial perspective on those who would malign or misinterpret this Adversarial Path?

It is, and it should be, wildly more disappointing for a Luciferian Scion to break vows he set for himself than vows set by others.  Absolute Accountability for vital existence makes this so.

Every abandoned goal must fuel the challenge and ultimate dismantlement of this cycle of “righteous-faith-hopelessness” many of us were chained to at birth by rite of culture, society, symbol and religion.

Q: What roles do ethics, morality, carnal pleasure and self-discipline play on this Adversarial Path?:

The beacon of Lucifer is witnessed by disruptive action rather than hollow, verbal judgment.  We restrict to accomplish, not to appease.

Good and evil suit our purposes like a false fulcrum of valuation to be wielded with impunity on those we do not choose to honor.

Carnality celebrates our natural state as instinct reflects the will to thrive. Experience from the carnal state, driven to accomplish, becomes intuition. This intuition is, then, internalized wisdom.

We may run riot in the carnal and become drunk with abandon. We are fully accountable to accept not only the risks surrounding us but even more so, the risks we create.

Guilt as internalized paralysis must perish. As a signpost it might still effectively tell us that Vengeance has been served nearly beyond the point of good taste and posture.

Visible corrective action is a role of ultimate accountability.

Incentive: Covetousness is just another fuel to evolve.

Become bloated in distracting “sin” until it no longer holds fascination.

Purity is a state of being and has given way to genocide, empire-building and bizarre forms of enjoyable sexual roleplay. Beyond this, one’s value might best be focused on action rather than a vaporous supposition.

The polarity we perceive as reality bears little similarity to the multiplicitous actuality of the universe. Demons are diversity.

Value as a human rests on creative capabilities encoded at birth, exercised in life, and reflected upon before death.

Beyond covetousness, drive the car, marry the wife and exalt one’s possessions or- ideally, exit the imposed value system unconsciously imprinted upon you.

Sin against the body and then exit the preservation-stress-recoil cycle which demoralizes and degenerates.

The anarchist, the autocrat, the dictator and the institution all seek to enforce and expand a vaporous notion of being based on false rationalization of human worth.

Might does grant the right to interfere with the sovereignty of others. The apex of efficient orchestration is often influence gained via exploiting trust: a state of being one may reinforce yet not be limited by. The truly effective Adept will harness creativity and influence to enfold the world around him and have everyone happy to participate in its unfolding.

As Black Magicians, it is helpful that we seize each opportunity for civic excellence. In this way we become beyond reproach.

Q: Why would someone voluntarily embrace this Left-Handed Adversarial Path?

A: Initiates of significant nightside mysteries enter into these paths for a number of reasons. Principle among these are a highly-individualized and interactive perception of self, dissatisfaction with the spiritual status quo and at least some experience of edification received as a result of investigating and application of self-discovered principles through the wisdom of both past and modern times.

Such drivers are usually coupled with both an intense creativity and a semiconscious knowledge that subtle powers lurk beneath the surface of perceptible reality.

Nightside occultism of the Adversary, being shrouded-within, requires an individual to steer a process of initiation. An initiatory path may be defined as intense practices and intense experiences culminating in the destruction of the limitations of self.

In the beginning, initiation becomes a tool for paradigm collapse.

It later serves to confront beliefs which have been internally-accepted and unchallenged throughout the course of the Initiate’s life until this point.

The perception of self evolves and changes as the Initiate guides himself into unknown realms.

Once empowered and created to the Initiate’s Will, he or she enters a state of self-evidenced godhood in terms of sheer existence and the place he or she carves out upon it. The Initiate supersedes all points of what was imaginable and becomes an entirely new creature.


Q: What do those of the Adversarial Path actually believe and is it honestly true?

A: Anything they wish; let us, however, address the deeper, gnawing questions regarding Metaphysical angst: the ultimate nature of reality and the inner battle betwixt the rational mind and initiatory ritual. Forming a singular internal narrative voice and aiming oneself towards peak personal, social and professional excellence brings up questions such as:

  • Is there life beyond physical death? Do the spirits of the dead roam the earth?
  • Will sorcery lend supernatural results that defy physics and rational explanation?
  • Are pantheons of dark gods real? From whence do they come? Are they merely symbols, impersonal forces of nature or active participants in human time-space?
  • Atheist, theistic or other?

Old and decrepit black magicians such as the Magister Barathrum of The Order of Phosphorus tend to obscure answering these “ultimate truth” questions, which creates static for new Initiates. There’s an innate human need to identify, relate, categorize and then mentally file all knowledge and experience into a framework which makes sense: a metaphysical paradigm.

Metaphysical paradigms provide habitation for the rational self. Disingenuous ones bring stasis, misery and insanity. Effective opposites bring continuity, meaningful day-to-day living and a self-assured confidence to those graced by an Initiate’s presence.

Defining one’s metaphysical paradigm is the responsibility of the Initiate- not the tribe.

Q: What is an Adversarial Perspective of the Abyss?

The magical axiom of “Crossing of the Abyss” is judiciously explored in occult literature, usually describing a person being catapulted into a crossroads of grave initiatory significance.

This crossroads called the Abyss lies in wait between two worlds: the revealed universe and the primordial.

The revealed universe is the place the Initiate inhabits on a day-to-day basis. It is the reality one may expect to find upon awakening each morning. It contains a fluid and exhibitionist consistency. The known perspective of a single human life has a revealed world full of gratifications and traumas, hopes and expectations.

The primordial world, by contrast, lies beyond human comprehension, alien to the socio-spiritual parameters of the human condition. It is the cataclysmic vehemence of nameless forces that stir the cosmos. Here are primordial forces of swathing destruction. No creativity is to be recognized or extricated from it. This is galactic tumultuousness beyond both gratification and terror.

Microcosmically, an Initiate may be said to be “Crossing the Abyss” after one accesses and manipulates spiritual forces over a prolonged amount of time. An extreme cognitive dissonance is experienced as the gulf between the actual “revealed” world is upset by shards of the primordial.

Traditional ceremonial magic perceives this struggle between the Actual and the Ideal as the separation between the profane and divine aspects of the initiate. This right-hand path understanding posits that man ought to sacrifice the profane to exalt the divine. The ego must be destroyed to sanctify divinity, which is greater than self. Submission, as such, is the plight and aspiration of both eastern religion and the subservient Islamic/Judeo-Christians. Buddhism aspires to rid the soul of its karmic stains to merge into undifferentiated spirit. Likewise, absolute submission to divinity hallmarks the shallow reach of the Islamic/Judeo-Christianity aspirant all the while heralding “God’s will, and not my own.”

The Initiate of the Adversary accepts none of these shortsighted limitations. The swilling tides of the Current of the Adversary rise to a challenge towards a continuous existence, ever more empowered. The revealed world is but energy, sustenance to be consumed, to which is to be wrestled, regurgitated and launched upon a trajectory, charted by the Isolate Will, alone.


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