I am Phosphorus by Unas Nacht Mordis II°

Many people have different questions about Luciferianism and Luciferians. This short article will share what I know from my experience what that means and how one becomes a Lucifer. Luciferians are people who desire to break the chains of religious and secular dogma which inhibits their ability to live freely and happily without guilt derived from superstitious or manipulative ideology which constrains the psyche from reaching its full potential. Often, repressive behaviors are a result of oppressive beliefs. Lucifer is recognized as a symbol of Bearing light in spite of the ignorance of its origin and etymology. Satan is viewed as a tragic story of the Promethean hero who is banished for rebelling against the robotic rule of suffocating dogma much as in Milton’s Paradise lost. Lucifer is a Roman concept of rising to one’s potential as a literal torch bearer or bringer of light from the source of abyssal darkness. This Gecko/ Roman idea resonates with The Odyssey, Hercules, and Zeus Cathonos, Greek and Roman Myths of Heroes, and many valiant aspects of our culture.
People have  recently asked Luciferian.Info about what is it that makes one a Luciferian. What does one have to do to become a Luciferian? There is no one clear-cut answer to this question of why people seek out this philosophy. There are however very clear and defined facts concerning what it means, at least for those who are TOPH members. Many may vary from group to group. Essentially, Luciferians desire to live as a Prometheus, a living Eosphoros, a bringer of light. Luciferians look to many of the Cthonic Gods and Goddesses  from days long past to utilize the darkness of the subconscious to invoke and create the light of that conquering Helioscopic burst of life , desire, and will that many heroes and kings of old utilized to rule and conquer their world. We want to conquer ourselves and bring our personal wills to fruition via self-deification and apotheosis. Self-empowerment is accomplished by simple yet challenging changes in mindset.
First, it is imperative that the individual’s will is known as Devine. Slavery to arcane and restrictive beliefs is broken by the breaking of taboos, and the will is strengthened by challenging yourself to overcome weakness. Meditative mind control pointed at gaining power over the emotions and thoughts. Spiritual rebellion via rituals that rewire the mind to think as a God. Many who practice these techniques understand that the key to all dark and light lies within. The Gods, Demigods, past, present, and future can theoretically be conjured from within the subconscious and for some this is a literal manifestation.This gateway to Luciferian Gnosis is known as Leviathan, dragon of the watery abyss. Some choose a more agnostic or athiest aproach as Luciferians are not required to believe in anything they can not find results in.
The aspirant to Luciferhood must begin to take full responsibility for their life in the here and now. Establishing an office of godhood unto the self, and answerable only to the self and those who one has made a social contract with. The enemies and monsters that drive this self made rebellion against weakness are none other than our own illusions and prisons of ignorance.
What does it take to be a Luciferian? The will to conquer one’s limitations (self made or imposed ) to the best of one’s ability. The desire to see that will created in the here and now. The belief that there is no God determining your fate but yourself.
Many deeply revere the wisdom of ancient spiritual paths of predatory might such as Yatuk Dinioh,Babylonian Magick, or Enochian Watchers. Egyptian wisdom teaches us how to manifest the above and below with skill and power. Sabbatic Witchcraft brings special techniques into the individual who does not bow down or worship anyone above the self.
To conclude, both becoming and being a Luciferian is not tangled in religious dogma or servitude to such ideas. There is no higher authority than one’s self. Some choose to join an organization with which to have peers and work together; some remain solitary in their path.
Luciferic transmutation is a self-empowered and self-actuated experience, different for each Phosphori. A shining black diamond in the reflective heat of the power of self- luminescence.

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