Ignite, black fires of Ahriman, within me.
O Black Fires of Ahriman.
Sacred Ascription of the Lie,
Author of Anguish,
Confounder of Angels
By Black Fires of Ahriman.
I invoke you, Aeshma-Taprev,
Lords of Revolt and Desire
Majesty of Malcontent
Hammer of Yazad-Srosh strikes!
Clamorous voice of Peshyotan, heave!
Vaporous Druj I Nashus, illicit!

Aku Mainyu, Lord of Revolt!
Progenitor of the Evil Spirits,
Pierce my eyes with your hunger-wield
By Spenta Mainyu, blind me!
Be Achistem Manah, torturous mongrel,
Lead me astray unto fullest voids,
Prismatic and endless darkness!

Sacred menace, forever renewing
Andar, protect me from virtue.
Of Angra Spenta by Akoman
Word made flesh.

Ahriman! Towards every immoral stir, you are found.
Ahriman! Towards every boundary and limit of mind,
Ahriman: worm and twist within me!.

Void and bane of multiplicity
From the spiked rungs of draconian vertebrae
In darkness, Daeva and Druj prism forth
Ruined and blasphemous in hardened form
One to steer Man, another to beast
One to Steer Fire, another to iron
One to steer earth
One to steer water
One to disrupt from within.
Spenta Mainyu, blind me!
Excise me from natural order,

Andar protect me from virtue:
Exploit each parity as all symmetry is purged.
As a sacred menace, ever-renewing.
Bring nightmares beyond imagination.

Purge from me!
Compassion for the witless.
Purge from me!
All inner-justification.
Purge from me!
Mercy for the dead.

Affliction of Intellect,
Collapse the rigid unto sated phallus
Affliction of Sight: bloat forbidden senses.
Affliction of Sound, dismiss clarity with deafening silence
Affliction of Smell, fetid eternity- waft!
Affliction of Tongue with acidic inflammation!
Affliction of Touch from the uncontrolled stirring within.

Aeshma, obsess me with that which I have no attraction
O Black Fires of Ahriman.
Bane of the World, thy temper KHIM!
Unfathomable thy capability HUNAR!
Self-possession, the creed.
Your greatest wisdom is to acknowledge and devour.
Affliction, tributaries in wake!
Creation which counterflects.
Unrelenting Tukhshakih, emerge!


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