Merkavah Meditation in the Left Hand Path by Archibaalus IIIº

Merkavah Meditation in the Left Hand Path

The first time I acquired a book on Kabbalah I purchased one that was much different than the usual fare. I purchased Meditation and Kabbalah by Aryeh Kaplan, and it helped ensure I took a differing path than the standard seeker of such lore. Such was the book based on direct inspection and insight from a very traditionalist place, and the writer was telling a story different than the rest of the writers on the subject. Often, we are embedded in the post 777/Sepher Sephiroth writings, often filtered down from several students who all end up in the 1890’s London occult scene. This in not bad but it is popular and thus, easy to forget the breadth of other insights and techniques. Much as Chaos magic has been sold as a new way, and yet has become a retelling of the same four or five techniques which were already existent but differently named such as sigils, HGA type workings, Pop Culture Golden Dawn stylings and so on, the techniques of “Qabalah”, have been rendered into a paste for easy dispensing. The book shelves of stores are filled with the same book written over and over, all about basic color use, Golden Bough retellings, archetypes and the forms of Dion Fortune who informs the Neo-pagan do-gooder how to avoid using power and how to suck up to deities and spirits.
My intention here is to educate the neophyte and enrich the adept in such matters.

What is Merkavah? It is thought to be a reference to the Chariot angels of Ezekiel. It is said even in older times that letting a child read this book of the Bible was dangerous due to the chance they would become enflamed by the powerful spiritual content. However, as a serious person and Left Hand Path initiator, I do not mean to praise either such superstitious talk nor the so called “Good Book”. I seek rather to find and dig out the jewels of wisdom hidden in the reflection of our ways.
One important concept is “Heavenly Ascension” a meditation not unlike the Egyptian Book of the Dead where a mystic travels the heavens in a kind of angelic academy, answering riddles and imagining keys that open doors. Mistakes are rewarded with thousands of deaths, angels who hurl axes and the like. One is said to be able there to speak with the ancient masters, consort with the highest Archangels, and derive spiritual power from the nearness to the Empyrean Throne. It is said one may meditate via several methods, some of which are not useful to such as us but some they are a mirror image of wisdom. It is also said that weak or unworthy aspirants explode or die due to getting the angel of deaths attention or being unable to handle a direct manifestation of the godhead. For example, when one meditates on a subject, often in these texts the YHVH name in letter form, one imagines black fire letters on a white space. Easily it can be changed to an UNHOLY use of the same Hebrew letters to imagine them in White Luciferian fire against a black flame universe of the self. Understanding of the Microcosm is expected from an adept of the Left Hand Path and the inversion of the universe is poetically put to good use in this fashion. One can take any word or concept and if you have the skill, turn it into Hebrew letters. Now I would comment briefly here this is not due to the quality the universe brings to this alphabet, it is not any more holy innately than any other language, but the care that has been put to its mystic use can be exercised by anyone at any time.

What letters and to what purpose? The names of Demons and Dark Gods is a good start. When traversing the path of initiation one often is asked to meditate on such things as god-forms and Demon princes of the Qlipoth, thusly one may spell out the name of such a creature mentally during meditation in the style of Asana. During such visions the basics kills of the initiate are put to use and rather than recipes for one kind of spell, one often encounters gnosis, unspeakable truths and feelings. One of even the weakest imagination will provide burning letters that twist into demons and speak silent secrets to them, at some point any ritual is merely a tool to get to this place, and it can be accessed at any time.

During a recent near death issue with a beloved comrade I put my magical skills to use in an attempt to prolong his existence using these kind of Diabolic Kabbalah techniques. I have healed before in person although my tastes have always been more inclined not to as I hate he whole hippy light healer archetype and incumbent hokum, and I only even tried to heal after seeking medical care, but using techniques of sharing my astral light with my dear pet who was on deaths door seemed to help. I have used this a few times on others when I felt like it, however I do not waste my life force willy nilly. However, my boon companion was far out my reach and I needed a new technique.

In this case, I did this. Based off what I had learned of the Merkavah, I meditated on the heavens filled with cherubs and light and harps and all that rotten stuff, which despite my leanings and tendencies still has a gothic charm to it, the home “Biblical Lucifer” would have been cast out of. I imagined the gates, the axe wielding angels, the clouds, the Emerald Throne of the Enemy itself, the Christian god as depicted by heretical artists who made graven images often under threat. I floated before it in my astral form. I recall being told at beat one could get to ADONAI a lower form of the foe, and in such form, it took the shape of a great Iron face on fire, so I attacked it. I tore out its eyes, and carried them to the astral form of my dear compatriot! He is doing better, my friend not ADONAI, and I hope I helped. Indeed, I wanted to share this experience and my journey into deeper secrets and advanced workings. Thank you for allowing me to share.

Archibaalus IIIº


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