Shadowspeak- UnasNachtMordis III°

“The mist rose from the forest floor like a fire burning in the dark. Silence blanketed the twilight as a fierce and loathsome feeling penetrated his body. As he walked along the path, he began to sense eyes upon him. By the time he had reached the river, he had wasted too much time looking for what ever phantom was following him. There, across the river, a figure stood behind an Aspen Tree, darkly staring at him. He could hear it speaking to him in his mind, but couldn’t comprehend the message. His heart raced and thumped like a thunderstorm as he began to move along the path faster, not paying attention to where his feet were falling. He soon slipped on the muddy trail and fell flat on his face.

He looked up over the grassy riverbank to see the shadow person standing in the cedars, closer than ever now. A wave of  Déjà Vu overcame him, and his fear sent him into a panic. He suddenly remembered all of the nights he could see this figure, standing at the foot of his bed, singing silently to him, but he could not respond. This shadow had been in his dreams, watching him live, and whispered to him since childhood. Now, since his encounter with the strange symbol carved into the tree, the shadow was always there. What did it want? Why was it following him? Why did the fright he felt at its presence seem to be pleasurable? Who was this shadow?”




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