Spirituality and Religion: How Luciferianism Can Bridge the Divide by Bael’ial Feriluc II°

Spirituality and Religion:

How Luciferianism Can Bridge the Divide

By Ryan Norris


There is a prevailing collective belief that if one is religious, then one must be spiritual. It is also a belief that for one to be spiritual, then one must be religious. In my experience, these points can be very false. There is a dividing line in between religion and spirituality. This divide is a thin one, but for me, it is present in both right-hand path and left-hand path practices.

The first point to make is that one can be religious without having any spirituality being practiced. The atheist can be religious in how they “religiously” seek out rational thought patterns which guide their thinking. To go further, all people have things they “religiously” do. Daily routines, superstitions, habitual actions or reactions, and so on can be seen as being performed religiously. Think of the athlete who wears a “lucky pair of underwear” to every game they play believing that it will have some sort of sway over winning the game. Is this not religious in action?

Likewise, one who believes in the spiritual realm does not necessarily always have religious practices involved with this view. This can be attributed to an observing Christian. They believe in a “soul” which they associate with spirituality, but they may not actual go to church or pray ever. They simply hold a spiritual view based on what others have told them.

This divide is useful to the Neophyte Luciferian in that it allows for a step by step study of Luciferian ideology and philosophy as well as gaining consistent application in daily life. A brief example of a pragmatic example of this point is as follows:

Luciferianism is at its core a philosophy first. Philosophy being, of course, an ancient Greek word which means Love of Wisdom (Philo and Sophia). One starts by studying the philosophy and thinking on how it can be applied in as simple a way as possible.

After the individual has consistently applied the Luciferian philosophy to their own daily thoughts, the philosophy transforms into a religious practice. Habitually changing thoughts like “I have to go to work” into “It is my will to go to work” is a simple example of this.

Once this becomes second nature and philosophy transforms into religious practice then does the potential for spiritual development become a tangible concept. Applying the spiritual practices which are included in the Luciferian pantheon expands on the religious and philosophical aspects of the ideology.

Each of these points builds on the previous empowering the Neophyte to create and dictate their own philosophy, religion, and spirituality. This, in my personal view, is a true embodiment of the individualism inherent in Luciferianism. This also adds to the rebellious nature of the philosophy to destroy old and outdated thought patterns created by the tyranny of right-hand path religions and ideologies.

So, this essay started with examining the divide between modern spirituality and religion. Then an example was given of how Luciferianism can destroy the divide and bring a complete practice of self-deification through the tedious transformation of the philosophy into a spirituality via a religious application. This creates something unique to each initiate in question.

On a final note, the inspiration of this essay was induced by the first point of Luciferian power, “Lucifer represents the light of intellect, wisdom, and power unique to each individual with the courage to ascend to this responsibility”.

Hail Thy Self!


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