The Adversary By Bael’ial Feriluc

I, the omniscient power,
Hidden in time and space,

Beyond the observation,

King in the Darkness.

I am the violent one,

Devouring celestial matter,

Explosions that light the sky,

Out in the emptiness of the cosmos.

I am the binding of the quantum,

I am that which repels like forces,

I devour light absorbed within,

And spit out the spectrum unneeded.

I radiate with all visible and invisible spectrums,

Painting the world in beautiful rays,

I am the ripping apart of matter,

And the binding of all movement.

I am the force which cracks the ground,

Raising up mountains via pressure,

I am the current which carves the way,

I am the storm that weathers all,

I am the growth of fangs,

The forming of talons,

I am the need for more energy,

Life sustaining through death devoured.

I am the omnipresent force,

That which repels stagnation,

I am decomposer of creation,

The creator of decomposition.

I have no care towards the blind,

I have no pity for the weak,

I care not if you believe in me,

I will continue to reign beyond you.

I, the omnipotent present,

Enter the mind,

I awaken the soul to life,

Motion, growth, progression.


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