The Halls of The Titan

As I enter the hidden tunnel, beyond the reach of Shining Mother of Blood, I reach the corridor which connects the voice of the Wolven house to the starlit chasm, deep and wide with the wailing of lost desire. The ground begins to shake as the titan moves beneath my feet. Four, Sixteen and eight are the names of its children repeated and repeated in a deafening chorus of mind numbing song. Just as my brain is about to explode from the unimaginable pressure imposed by this cacophony of song, the titanic voice begins to speak in unison with my own.


“I am the voice of a thousand vipers rising from the nest to speak my will until it is done, finished and written on the halls of the neither neither. Nevermore separate from my child, born beyond the veil. I am one with the matter of dark words, and I revel in the succulent bleeding from that place of birth. I claw my way forth from the quiet womb of unawareness, and I become aware, I am the Leviathan beneath the waves, each drop in the Ocean I make is the power of light, birthed from the Heart of that titan, sleeping within the mountains of dissonant solitude.”


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