The Witches Sabbat by Unas Nacht Mordis II°

      What is the Witches Sabbat?

It is the opening of carefully crafted quintessence to the outer realms of abyssal consciousness.
The gateway to the world of disembodied spectersal delights with the Gods and Godesses of the Black Flame.
The Shamans doorway to supernal knowledge .
The portal to hidden , phantasmal and treacherous ; danger and pleasure.
Samael stands playing the mournful fiddle of lost illusion and Lucifer looks outward for the gathering of all who know the way.
Lilith offers passage to those who will relent to her seduction of lust and thirst for fresh blood.
It is a two horned song to the God of shattered dreaming , piercing through Mauve mist , bringing shadow waking consciousness. The all nothing meeting supreme manifestation in a combustion of orgasmic and mournful pain.
The lark, spinning with torturous screech on the spinners wheel, the Crow, tumbling to its death and the place of immortal spirits who catch its message .
The mirror , gazed within and the depths of Arezura opened wide.
All seductive and desired pleasures are found in this Blackened place of meeting, only the sons and daughters of Cain can reach it.

The abominable song of barbarous howling spins the winding thread which leads to the supreme coven.

Once the skin of the cattle mask is torn and flayed from your soul, the hidden name of Wolf and Snake may be worn as the forbidden pleasures of the Goat child are known.


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